Discipline is Essential to Early Learning

Discipline is Essential to Early Learning

We know that when we talk of discipline, what might immediately pop up in your mind is strictness, control, and punishment.  However, it is not at all like that! Discipline is more about establishing a routine. It is just like how we have a routine in place for our breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Likewise, why can’t we also help set up a routine for learning for our children? What is important here is to choose suitable ways for implementing discipline in early childhood so that the young minds willfully embrace discipline in their lives and are not goaded into it.

We, at Sapphire International School, always strive to instill discipline among our students as an essential means of learning. We believe discipline is as important as love, food, sleep, and education. Discipline in early childhood allows for the development of social, emotional, and behavioral skills in children, which goes a long way in life beyond school. Here are why we believe introducing discipline in early childhood years help to naturally improve the learning process in kids.

Disciplined children perform well in academics and other spheres: Studies have revealed that children who follow a strict disciplined routine generally show up to be better at academics as well as other spheres of life. This is because these kids are more aligned to work in a disciplined manner, and know when to study and when to go out for sports. They are not needed to be pushed into doing anything, but they naturally accommodate it all as a part of their routine.

Helps improve the social skills of children: Children who are introduced to practicing discipline early on in life are generally better at behaving in socially acceptable ways. They are also emotionally more stable as they know how to manage their emotions and behave in an appropriate manner as per the situation. By being disciplined, they are able to control their desires or postpone their pleasure while giving importance to the needs of other people. They learn to manage their dissatisfaction and disagreement rather than becoming hostile or aggressive in front of others.

Instills a sense of responsibility in the young minds: Discipline begins with simple actions like being regular to school, doing homework, being on time, etc. Hence, a disciplined child is more likely to get transformed into a responsible and disciplined adult. When kids embrace discipline as a part of life, they feel more encouraged to take responsibility for their social surroundings as well and often turn into an inspiring leader for those around them. Discipline gives them the strength to make the right decisions in life, even stronger ones. Thus, discipline brings the ability to restrain oneself and hence opens the pathway to achieving greater personal achievements in life.

Builds focus and perseverance: No wonder, the world around us is full of distractions. By practicing discipline in early childhood, one develops the ability to focus on goals. Such children develop perseverance of continuous actions without getting disheartened. They build inner strength to face the odds and stick to their decisions without changing their minds. This allows them to consistently work on the task until they achieve success in it. Focus and perseverance thus developed make them achieve huge feats in life.

Helps them come out as stronger individuals: The environment we dwell in exposes us to a lot of uncertainties, which show up at different stages of life. When children learn to be disciplined right from an early age, it helps them to more comfortably adapt to the environment. Children learn to express their emotions in a regulated manner and are more prepared to tackle the uncertainties of life amicably. Children thus feel more strengthened to accept the realities of life rather than succumbing to circumstances.

At Sapphire International School, recognized as the Best Nursery School in Noida, we always vouch for bringing discipline into the lives of our young ones, but also believe that discipline shouldn’t mean another word for punishment. There are healthy and positive ways to teach discipline to children. If supported aptly, children can readily embrace discipline. We would hence request the parents to help the kids with the right ways to adopt discipline and see how well they grow into disciplined, responsible, and successful individuals.

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