DIY Activities are an Important Learning Tool

DIY Activities are an Important Learning Tool

In the rapid inroads made by technology in the daily life of even our young ones, we frequently tend to overlook the fact that nurturing the creative side of our children is just as important as anything else. The modern day and age have created such a situation that when it comes to keeping our children occupied and entertained, technology is taken as the first resort. However, there is so much that we can teach our children through DIY activities, which not only keep them engaged but also help to bring out their artistic side.

At Sapphire International School, we are a firm believer in the fact that the ‘Do-It-Yourself’ or the DIY activities are one of the most fun learning tools that we can introduce our children to. From improving their motor skills to giving them a way of expression, there’s a lot that we can achieve when our children are engrossed in some DIY art and crafts. So, on that note, let us outline today the reasons why DIY activities are indeed crucial for the young budding geniuses.

DIY activities help in improving fine motor skills

Most of the DIY activities require children to use both their hands simultaneously in a certain way. This helps them in developing bilateral coordination and fine motor skills. For instance, cutting something with scissors, drawing lines and dots, or tearing pieces of paper are all the types of tasks that help to improve dexterity in kids. It will also aid them in picking up other skills faster, like tying the shoes or using cutlery.

Offer a way for the young minds to express themselves

We envision children as out-and-out extroverts who love to talk and mingle with everyone all the time. But, some children are introverts, who aren’t always that comfortable in expressing themselves in so many words. Various art and craft projects can offer them a safe environment, where they can freely express their ideas and thoughts through their artworks.  

Inspire children to think in a critical manner

Taking up a DIY project means endless choices and possibilities, and there is a decision to be made at every point. Should the house have a brown roof or red? Should they glue the thread or make holes to pass the thread through? Choices like these help children in critical thinking, decision-making, and thorough analysis. Think of it as a way to train children about making their own choices and solving their own problems.

Engaging in Arts and crafts activities help children improve their focus

We have frequently heard parents complain that it’s difficult to get their kids to sit still for anything for more than five minutes. We believe DIY can be just the solution they need to bring patience and attentiveness in the children. After all, there is no denying that completing a DIY project involves giving absolute focus and dedication towards it.

Comes as an effective way to relieve stress

It would be wrong for us to assume that stress and worries are things that only cloud our adult minds and not the children. Our children have their own world and worries to deal with. As such, when we introduce them to an interesting DIY activity, it serves as a way to keep their mind off the things that otherwise keep bothering their tender minds.

We, at Sapphire International School, ranked among the Top 10 Preschools in Anand Vihar, believe that childhood is the time when the young minds are most porous and can be groomed easily and effectively. Hence, introducing them to DIY activities that not only aid in their skill development but also serve as a stress-buster can have far-fetched benefits for children. We would thus suggest the parents to assign at least one small DIY project to your kid every weak and let the little one use his/her imagination and creativity to accomplish the goal. And, this encouragement towards such projects should not just be a part of their schedule now that they are at home due to the pandemic, but also after all this gets over. After all, children learn organically when the tools to teach them are fun and exciting, like a DIY activity.

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