How to Teach Children the Value of Hard Work

Children the Value of Hard Work

“I’m a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it. “-Thomas Jefferson, Former President of the United States

When we ask parents about what they want for their kids when they grow up, the unanimous answer is always happiness and success. This naturally leads to the thought that what is that one thing that can ensure the perfect amalgamation of happiness and success in our children’s future? The answer is nothing but the ability to work hard and have perseverance. After all, things like achieving one’s goals, feeling fulfilled, and making an honest living for one’s own self are what makes an individual get the contentment that everyone seeks.

However, though the value of hard work is well-understood by all of us as we have all seen the wonderful effects it can have in our lives, it is not something that the young ones learn all by themselves. There needs to be an active effort made from our end to ensure that this message is instilled in their developing minds and remembered for a lifetime. On that note, we, at Sapphire International School,a renowned Cbse schools near crossing Republik Indirapuram, bring to you today some of the most effective ways through which kids can be taught the value of hard work.

Take care to praise their efforts more than their achievements

It is natural for children to seek appreciation from the parents as it helps them understand what they are doing right. So, when you want to guide them on the path of hard work, instead of praising only the achievements, applaud the efforts that they have put into it. It will motivate them to work even harder in the future.

Always mention the reason why they are being praised

“Good job,” “excellent marks,” and so on are the kind of praises that don’t make the kids learn anything about their action. Try and be more specific: “you did a good job at not giving up on trying and learning those chapters” or “the excellent marks show how hard you worked at it.” It gives them the idea that you notice the work that they have put into it.

Never underestimate children’s ability to challenge their limits

It is okay if your child is not able to learn that musical note as quickly as others. It does not mean that he/she will never be able to do it or that you should take him/her off the music classes. Instead, you should ask your little one to practice more and find ways to make it better. After all, it’s important to remember that the determination to work hard also comes from self-confidence.

Teach them to deal with things on their own instead of helping them always

As parents, it is natural for you to rush to their rescue at every instance and envelope them in all the comfort you can. However, we, at Sapphire International School, believe that in some cases, it is better to just let them push through the hurdle and figure out the way themselves. Think of yourself as their coach whose job is to hone their skills and not fix everything that is amiss.

Don’t be too harsh on them when they are unable to succeed

We understand that it feels truly bad for the parents to see their child failing at something, but that disappointment should never be communicated to the child. In such situations, it is important to inspire kids to work harder and not give up. Scolding them when they fail will only make them feel like never trying something again.

We need to make our children understand that it is hard work and effort that makes a person pull through when the odds are stacked high against them. And, regardless of how easy technology and gadgets make our lives, the importance of perseverance is never lost. When we are able to instill such values in our children, success will never be far from their reach.

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