Motivation Paves the Way for Accomplishing Greater Feats in Life

Motivation Paves the Way for Accomplishing Greater Feats in Life

“We expert teachers know that motivation and emotional impact are what matter.” – Donald Arthur Norman, American researcher, professor, and author

Children naturally have boundless energy for learning and wisdom, and their inherent thirst for knowledge is one of their dominant traits. However, it is also true that with the multitude of distractions offered by the modern life in the form of social media and digital platforms, this intrinsic desire to learn something new is sometimes caught in a web of diversions. The fact also remains that such distractions can hardly stand a chance in deviating our children from their path of achievement when the motivation is right.

Motivation, whether it is through the inspiring words of parents and teachers or their inner drive to succeed, is one of the most important factors leading to the accomplishment of the greatest feats in life. On that note, today we, at Sapphire International School, one among the Top 10 Preschools in Anand Vihar, Delhi, will take a closer look at the role of motivation in our children’s achievements.

Motivation awakes encouragement to make efforts

With proper motivation, children become more persistent in their efforts to achieve the goals in their lives, be it in the academic or co-curricular pursuits. So many times, we have heard that children give up midway on a subject or a sport saying “that’s too boring” or “I don’t want to do it anymore.” But all we need to get them back on track and renew their efforts is to offer them our kind words of motivation, instead of scolding them for failing to try hard enough.

Motivation is the surest way to keep distractions at bay

It is a fact that children nowadays have to deal with way more distractions than we did as kids. However, when the determination to succeed is put at the forefront in their minds, such distractions can never be a matter of concern. The truth is that self-motivation works the best in keeping those distractions at bay. But, it is also true that we are the ones who need to teach them how to keep themselves focused and unwavering from their path.

The key to taking the setbacks in one’s stride

Setbacks and obstacles are a part and parcel of the journey towards glory. One of the surest ways to look past these obstacles is to remain motivated towards the ultimate aim of achieving the feat. When we inspire our children to bounce back from the impediments in their way, we address their feelings of inadequacy and reinstate their belief in themselves. And, there is nothing an individual can’t achieve once he/she has the unwavering faith in his/her abilities. After all, accomplishments are always easier to attain for a person who has the motivation to move forward.

Developing a keener understanding of the hurdles

Motivation also acts as a key factor in developing a keener understanding of the hurdles. When children feel motivated enough towards their coveted goals, they take a greater interest in analyzing and knowing the hitches in the road that can hold them back. Once such difficulties are identified and acknowledged, it becomes easier to address them in order to smoothen out the path to success.

At Sapphire International School, we believe that constant motivation to be better than yesterday and be relentless in their journey towards accomplishments always works wonders for children. This is why we, at Sapphire, a leading preschool in Anand Vihar, always try to ensure that the learning experiences we deliver to our pupils remain engaging enough so that our children feel connected with whatever they are learning and keep putting in efforts to further expand their knowledge base. At Sapphire International School, our aim is to create young individuals who shine with their own efforts and understand the significance of perseverance. No wonder, finding the way to success has never been an impossible feat for our students.

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