360o Learning

During the pre-primary years, the approach is enquiry based where children question, enquire, brainstorm and understand by doing things. The fun and holistic learning environments in our Pre-Primary classes ensure that our youngest students love coming to school. Through engaging topics and activities the children learn about the world around them. An increasing number of activities are taken up so that children understand the concept comprehensively. While the purpose of educational trips is essentially to educate, they can also be a fun bonding experience for everyone involved. Our highly qualified educators too are given ample opportunity to keep themselves updated with the dynamic nature of the profession. Various training seminars aid the teachers to update their knowledge in the ever changing technology and trends.


Sapphire takes utmost care to equip the students with a curriculum that is enlaced with the unique integration of the traditional as well as the modern educational practices. We work tirelessly to provide our young minds a proper channel to allow them to carve a niche out of themselves and face the challenges of the world. The curriculum addresses the developmental needs of each child and caters to the holistic development of child through:

  • Physical and Physiological Development – enhancing gross and fine motor skills – through Montessori activities like beading, folding, buttoning, spooning, etc
  • Language Development - through phonetic, auditory Games and story- telling sessions.
  • Pre – writing Skills – established through insets for design, tracing sandpaper letters, making patterns in sand.
  • Specific Activities - have also been designed for enhancement of neuromuscular control, eye–hand co–ordination, development of pincer and dominant finger’s grip for future writing skills.
  • Multiple Intelligence Approach - teaching important concepts in multiple ways thereby teaching more students effectively.

Montessori Approach

It is an educational approach characterized by an emphasis on independence, freedom within limits and respect for child’s natural psychological development, as well as technological advancements in society.
It succeeds because it draws its principles from the natural development of the child and guides him towards wholesome growth and integrated personality. This uniquely designed curriculum content gives thorough understanding of Montessori Method of education through:

  • Practical Life Exercises
  • Sensorial Development
  • Mathematical Development
  • Language Development
  • Cultural Development

Multiple Intelligence Approach

Sapphire follows the philosophy of Multiple Intelligence given by Dr. Howard Gardner of Harvard University, who believes that intelligence is a pluralistic phenomenon, rather than a static structure. Gardner has presented eight intelligences, namely:

  • Visual/Spatial - Involves visual perception of the environment, the ability to create and manipulate mental images, and the orientation of the body in space.
  • Verbal/Linguistic - Involves reading, writing, speaking, and conversing in one's own or foreign languages.
  • Logical/Mathematical - Involves number and computing skills, recognizing patterns and relationships, timeliness and order, and the ability to solve different kinds of problems through logic.
  • Bodily/Kinesthetic - Involves physical coordination and dexterity, using fine and gross motor skills, and expressing oneself or learning through physical activities.
  • Musical - Involves understanding and expressing oneself through music and rhythmic movements or dance, or composing, playing, or conducting music
  • Interpersonal - Involves understanding how to communicate with and understand other people and how to work collaboratively.
  • Intrapersonal - Involves understanding one's inner world of emotions and thoughts, and growing in the ability to control them and work with them consciously.
  • Naturalist - Involves understanding the natural world of plants and animals, noticing their characteristics, and categorizing them.


Sapphire has scope for numerous activities to entertain as well as work towards the holistic development of the students. Activities like art and craft, splash pool, music, dance and drama, role play, clay work, visits and excursions, movie time, skating, taekwondo and gymnastics are conducted for the students regularly.


Settling Area

This room is beautifully decorated with large cut outs of animals, flowers and cartoon characters so that new children enjoy and get attracted towards their first school. New joinees are welcomed in this room for initial days till they become comfortable. Special activities like origami, Rhyme and storytelling sessions help the teachers create a long lasting bond with the students.

Activity Arcade

An exclusive area which is designed especially for the child; to develop their motor and mental ability and creativity. Activity Arcade provides rich learning experience to the children of Sapphire. The arcade is equipped with colourful, attractive and well-designed concepts for role playing activities.

Kids Play Area

Sapphire Play area is equipped with swings, slides, bouncy, mini train, merry-go-round, splash pool, tunnels, trampoline and many other play equipments which are very helpful in the development of fine and gross motor skills, eye-hand coordination.

Ball Pool

Covered with mirrors from three sides, the room is stuffed with ball of myriad colours. Children love to throw the balls at each other, lie down, jump and simply be themselves.


The safety of our pupils is of utter importance and first priority for us. Sapphire has security guards who do not allow any visitors without prior appointment. The entire school premises is continuously monitored through CCTV cameras. The school is outfitted with new safety elements like cameras at entrances and hideout areas, fire alarms and monitoring devices.