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During the primary years the approach is enquiry based where children question, enquire, brainstorm and understand by doing things. An increasing number of activities are taken up so that children understand the concept comprehensively. To find out whether it has been well received by the children, a structured work sheet is provided to each student. This is based on the principles of knowledge, recall, comprehension, application and analysis. The child’s level of understanding is indicated afterwards where the parameters are set under, “beginning /approaching /meeting /exceeding”. At the senior level the focus is increased on assignment based studies and activities. Our highly qualified educators too are given ample opportunity to keep themselves updated with the dynamic nature of the profession. Various training seminars aid the teachers to update their knowledge in the ever changing technology and trends.


Sapphire pays utmost care to equip the students with a curriculum that is enlaced with the unique integration of the traditional as well as the modern educational practices. We work tirelessly to provide our young minds a proper channel to allow them to carve a niche out of themselves and face the challenges of the world.

Pre – Primary Level (Nursery and Kindergarten)

We at Sapphire aim to make learning interesting and activity oriented. The various rhymes and stories are taught to the little ones through actions to ensure long term retention. The use of multimedia, games, music and dance provide the students with a fun-filled learning environment. The communication skills of the students are developed via role plays, dramatizations and activities. We also develop the sense of openness in a child by taking them on nature walks and educational excursions. The curriculum has been designed to address the developmental needs of each child and caters to the holistic development of the child through:

  • Physical and Physiological Development – Enhancing gross and fine motor skills through Montessori activities like beading, folding, buttoning, spooning etc.
  • Language Development – through Phonetics, Auditory Games and Story Telling Activities.
  • Pre-writing Skills – established through insets for design, tracing sandpaper letters, making patterns in sand.
  • Specific Activities – have also been designed for enhancement of neuromuscular control, eye-hand co-ordination, development of pincer and dominant finger’s grip for future writing skills.

Primary Level (Class 1 to class 5)

Sapphire has adopted an activity based approach to learning, so as to stimulate the development of intelligence inherent in each individual. We stress on the interactive sessions, project based learning and group activities in order to develop a sense of individuality and stimulate the knowledge of the child. Learning is made fun with the aid of excursions and field trips where the children learn sans the monotony and boundations of the four walls of the classroom. At the Junior School level, the focus is on the development of oral as well as written expression, creative writing, critical thinking and mathematical skills. Critical thinking is encouraged through various brainstorming activities.

Middle School(Class 6 to class 8)

At Sapphire we strive to explore and enhance the competence of the students by working towards their holistic development. We are dedicated in developing their intellectual abilities, aesthetic sense, artistic and social skills and also cultivate their social skills and creative and critical thinking. The introduction of the interdisciplinary projects and project based learning further enhances the knowledge of the students beyond what they learn through their textbooks.

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Science Lab

Our Science Lab is a capacious room which caters to the experimental minds of our students. Lab activities and experiments engage Students’ mind which help them to acquire necessary skills, knowledge and confidence. The lab is equipped with the latest equipments as per CBSE curriculum where students carry out their experiments in an innovative and inspiring environment.

Maths Lab

The mathematics laboratory is a place where anybody can experiment and explore patterns and ideas. Many of the activities present a problem or a challenge, with the possibility of generating further challenges and problems. The activities help students to visualize, manipulate and reason. They provide opportunity to make conjectures and test them, and to generalize observed patterns.Thus, this was the sole reason that we were inspired to provide our little mathematicians with a mathematics lab. Our lab is equipped with all the equipments which aid in learning in an innovative and fun environment.

Secondary School (Class 9 and class 10)

Our primary aim at the secondary school level is to prepare the students according to the CBSE curriculum. The curriculum in classes IX and X is intended to provide the holistic profile of the learner through evaluation of both scholastic and co-scholastic (through enrichment activities) areas spread over four terms (Pre Mid Term, Mid Term, Post Mid Term & Final Term) in each academic year.

Secondary School Curriculum
The curriculum refers to the lessons and academic content to be taught to a learner in the school. In empirical terms, it may be regarded as the sum total of a planned set of educational experiences provided to a learner by a school.

The curriculum prescribed at Sapphire strives to:
(1) uphold constitutional values such as socialism, secularism, democracy, republican character, justice, liberty, equality, fraternity, human dignity and the unity and integrity of the nation.
(2) keep pace with the 21st century and the global trends in various disciplines.
(3) provide ample scope for physical, intellectual and social development of the students.
(4) Integrate innovations in pedagogy, knowledge and application, such as Human Sciences with technological innovations.
(5) nurture life skills by prescribing curricular and co-curricular activities to help improve self-esteem, empathy towards others and different cultures.
(6) encourage value-based learning activities.
(7) equally emphasize co-scholastic areas of health and physical education.

responding to the growing realization of disconnect between the existing academic achievements at the secondary level in schools vis-à-vis senior secondary, the secondary school curriculum acknowledges the fact that subjects like language, mathematics, science and social studies help the cognitive development of the child and, therefore require a greater academic emphasis. However, Sapphire under CBSE Curriculum envisions the all-round development of students in consonance with the holistic approach to education at the secondary level, which is an important subsection of the whole education system.

In the operational sense, the secondary curriculum is learner-centered with school being a place where students would be acquiring various skills, building self-concept, sense of enterprise, aesthetic sensibilities and sportsmanship. Therefore, for the purpose of fostering core competencies in learners, this curriculum encompasses seven major learning areas, from the scholastic and co-scholastic point of view.

Scholastic Areas
Social- Studies
Work Education
Art Education
Health and Physical Education

Scholastic Areas:
The curriculum envisages individualized learning acumen and seeks to explore the potential of students in acquiring substantial knowledge and skills through academic rigour with greater academic orientation and research skills in core academic areas. Students would evolve as judicious young adults with a sense of real self-esteem having true values and principles.

Co- Scholastic Areas:
It is a well-known fact that only a healthy child can learn effectively and good health leads to better learning. Many other activities are necessary for development of the effective and psychomotor domain. The activities like games and sports, art and music, craftwork are termed as Co-scholastic activities. The term Co-scholastic activities are used for both cognitive and non- cognitive development that can take place by exposing the child to the scholastic and non-scholastic subjects. Few Co-scholastic activities are work education, Art Education including local art, literature and skills, Health and Physical Education, Yoga, Traditional games, indigenous sports, Martial Arts.

Senior Secondary School Curriculum (Grade XI and XII):
Sapphire International School, Noida believes that students need to have a well-rounded, happy experience at school so that they can learn independently, develop resilience, confidence and maturity before stepping out into the world. Our School provides students the opportunities to identify their areas of strength and pursue an academic program that is best suited to their learning style, inclination and which is in alignment with their long term goals. The aim is to give the learner a sound foundation in conceptual knowledge and in the skills of application, analysis and higher order thinking.

We are proud of the depth and breadth of our extensive curriculum that has the ability to extend able students, while also providing support for those requiring additional inputs. Students acquire the flexibility and freedom to find the right “subject fit” of their choice. We look at curriculum work continuously to improve among other things, good national test scores.

Curriculum Practices in Senior Secondary School:
(1) In Senior Secondary School, academic rigour, varied prescribed reading and supervised forays into the Internet Stimulate, Synthesize and coordinate learning. Information technology is integral to our curriculum and we deliver a very successful and effective teaching- learning program.
(2) Field trips, workshops and guest lectures take on new meaning as interactions with experts and specialists in various fields becomes the focal point.
(3) Co-Curricular activities include Sports and Physical Education, exposure to inter-house cultural, fine arts and oratorical events. Students of Grade 11 and 12 also choose one Co-curricular activity that they will aim to excel at, during the course of the academic year.
(4) Guest faculties from different universities conduct workshops and lectures offering career counseling.

Subjects Offered

As per the CBSE scheme of studies, each student is required to opt for one compulsory language at the core level along with four electives, and one can be additional. The school offers these subjects under three sections – Science, Humanities, and Commerce. The details are as follows:

The Streams of Science, Commerce, and Humanities are offered at Senior Secondary Level










English Core




Comp. Sci. /Psychology

Physical Education


English Core




Maths/ Comp Sc./Psycho
/Home. Sci.

PHE / Comp Sc./
Psycho/Home. Sci.

(with Maths)

English Core


Business Studies



Comp. Sci. PHE/
Home Sci. /Psycho/Painting

(without Maths)

English Core


Business Studies


Comp. Sci. / Home Sci./



English Core

Political Science



Eco/ Maths/ Comp. Sci./ Home Sci. /



Scrabble Room

Playing Scrabble teaches students of all ages to expand their vocabulary. It helps to improve word derivation skills. Students learn to use prefixes and suffixes easily and correctly. Mental benefits of playing scrabble are truly rewarding ones. Students develop their mathematical skills such as exercising the ability to add. Other benefit is the ability to incorporate strategy and spelling skills. Scrabble improves memory. It lowers the risk of mental illness and keeps the mind stimulated and engaged and strengthens the brain. A unique skill developed from playing scrabble is known as anagramming or forming words or phrases by rearranging its letters.

Sapphire School NoidaNUMBER GRID ROOM
Number grid games are a valuable addition to our repertoire of methods for teaching mathematics. Number grid game is an essential component of developing number sense and place value skills. They are able to learn concepts like skip counting, L.C.M, H.C.F and lots more. These games generate enthusiasm, excitement, total involvement and enjoyment. When group of children play mathematical games they need to talk over moves and discuss the correctness of answers and different strategies. Thus, mathematical games encourage discussion between groups of children and also between pupil and teacher. Such games encourage the active involvement of children making them more receptive to learning and of course increasing their motivation. Teaching mathematics through number grid is not only psychologically sound, it is also psychologically desirable.

Sapphire International School, Noida follows the CBSE Curriculum. The CBSE curriculum seeks to provide opportunities for students to achieve excellence in learning at par with global standards.


Creative Activities

Science Club

The Society of Performing Arts

The Robotics Club

Animation Club

Wanderer’s Club

The Academy of Sports

The House of Pottery & Sculpture


Project Based Learning

The present era calls for thinking ‘outside the box’. How can we expect our inquisitive generation to follow the same if we ourselves put them in one ? It is a herculean task to develop independent and divergent thinkers inside the walls of a classroom with the same, obsolete education forms which have been followed for years. Thus, we stress on the ‘Project based learning’ wherein the students learn through the development of hands-on, minds-on and research-based disposition towards teaching and learning. The ‘project based learning’ activities, true to life excavations, educational visits are few examples of the many strategies taken up by us for the same. This fosters deep understanding which in turn ensures long term retention.


Community Service

'Behes' an international platform for young debaters, which has provided our students with a golden opportunity to bring forth their views on the diverse topics. It presents the students with a plethora of stimulating issues to debate on for both, the seniors and the cubs division. We have been the proud hosts for the same with our students earning various titles and laurels in the same. It is highly motivating to see the students express their views on the diverse topics to the best of their abilities.

Community Service

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” - Mahatma Gandhi
Community service is the foundation of societies and cultures.It is the heart of human experience of human relations. We, as mentors ensure to stress on the importance of selfless endeavors which foster a sense of responsibility as members of the society. We inspire the young adults to follow the mantra of “be the change you wish to see in the world.” As responsible citizens, students must develop character and integrity through voluntary actions to help the community with magnanimity.


SISMUN is dedicated to providing an understanding of current international affairs through a truly global perspective, as well as fostering the ability and desire to articulate proposed solutions through deliberate and persuasive means. Through this activity, a platform is provided to students to act as delegates and participate in the most dynamic, interesting and thought provoking committees and trained to participate in heightened levels of debate on pertinent international issues.

Language Training

Languages like French, German and Sanskrit are taught to our students. They are enriched with the knowledge of the grammar, basic conversations etc along with activities like skits, speeches and many more which develop the language skills of the individuals. To equip the students with the correct intonation and articulation pattern, we have the latest softwares in the Language Lab.


"I regard the theatre as the greatest gift of all art forms, the most immediate way in which a human being can share with another sense of what it is to be a human being"- Oscar Wilde
The thrill of being on stage or performing in any capacity in front of an audience is a magical experience. The adrenaline rush before the performance which contributes to its success is the main reason why our students strive to participate in theatre. Theatre aids the students to give up on their inhibitions and learn to express themselves at ease. Students becoming vocally strong, develop proper enunciation and skillful articulation.

Orators Podium

It’s not an easy task to speak one’s mind out. It is a harder task to speak about one’s ideas in front of an audience. It is an even harder task to speak one’s heart out in front of an audience in a language which is not one’s first language. Thus, we take this as a challenge and help our students to express themselves by mentoring them and preparing them for the right articulation.


Animation is one of the booming professional sectors in the current epoch. Thus, we make sure we empower our students in the same. The students learn to add motion to static objects, animating virtual characters etc. They have a fun time letting the animators in them to create some amazing characters and relate them to stories too.


At Sapphire one can always find our little engineers creating something new all the time. Be it a motor boat or a propeller, they are keen to create something of their interest. Hence, our teachers merely have the role of being a guide who positively channelize their inner creativity. To reinforce the concepts of Physics and Electronics, this programme is run in collaboration with IIT Bombay and Lego.

Excursions and Expeditions

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page.” – St. Augustine

Travelling unfolds layers of cherishing experiences. Memories of school trips of the formative years remain deeply embossed in the minds of the students as well as teachers. Taking students into a new environment gives them the experience of traveling in a group and teaches them to be respectful of the locations they visit. International, adventure or educational trips, all our excursions are meticulously planned keeping in mind the interests and the development of the scholars.


Education is a dynamic field. The trends are ever-changing according to the changing times. The best professional development is ongoing, experiential, collaborative, and connected to and derived from working with students and understanding their culture. Thus, it is ensured that a dedicated team of professionals are involved in research work to bring the best learning practices in the school. The school has also collaborated with educationists across the globe for the same.


Children are very different and it is difficult to find a versatile tool that will be interesting to all. The students should learn in a manner that is natural and interesting for them. The current generation is highly tech savvy, thus, we equip our young adults with the access to the IT lab where they can research for themselves. There is no restriction of time slots for them as the entire education system is planned through the e-learning procedures. The use of such modern technologies quench the desire of the students for a fun, interactive and interesting classroom session where their senses have the freedom to explore and breaks the barriers of the monotonous classroom practices.

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