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Sapphire creates an environment which opens up horizons for the students to carve a niche out of themselves in the multitudinousfacets ranging from academics to sports to performing arts. We follow the investigative method of education which ascertain long term retention. Our aim is to provide our students with an interesting milieu where they see each day as a new challenge to conquer with renewed vigour everyday.


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“Books wash away from the soul, the dust of everyday life.”
We humans lose ourselves in books yet find ourselves there too. Inculcating this very habit of book reading is highly stressed upon at Sapphire. Thus, keeping this in mind we have a library secluded from the tumult of the effervescent school. Keeping up with the tech savvy generation, Sapphire also provides the students with e-books which entice them greatly and inculcate in them the habit of reading.

Sapphire School Life


The state of the art multipurpose hall has a capacity for the inhouse small events. It is a platform which provides the students with countless opportunities to prove their mettle in the various activities organized as inter-house or inter-school competitions.

Play Zone

Our tiny tots have a whale of a time in our play zone which has a massive jungle gym which adheres to the safety parameters for the wellbeing of our students.

Montessori education

Montessori Room

Montessori education is an educational approach developed by Italian physician and educator Maria Montessori and characterized by an emphasis on independence, freedom within limits, and respect for a child’s natural, psychological, physical, and social development. Our Montessori room is very well equipped catering to the needs of child education.


Learning and fun continues even after the school day is done. In our extended daycare activities the children engage their kinetic minds in a balance of homework support, creative arts and other fun activities. In this endeavor, the nutrition aspect is also given equal importance. The students are provided with a healthy meal which ensures a healthy body.

Learning and fun


Sapphire International School, Noida has the ultra-modern swimming pool. It is a weather controlled mini-Olympic size swimming pool. Students will learn the skill under the direct supervision of experienced coaches and lifeguards. Swimming is an all-around activity which will help students to build endurance, muscle strength and cardiovascular fitness. It tones muscles and builds strength. Swimming is the best way to burn calories, improve lung capacity, relieve stress and developmental focus and concentration. It also refreshes mind from everyday distraction.


Sapphire provides best of facilities, equipment, and coaches for the most popular sport in the country. Our school has Dronacharya cricket Academy which is a premier learning center for acquiring skills and techniques of the game. Our school caters to hundreds of aspiring youngsters who get to hone their skills under direct supervision of some of the most well-known and experienced coaches. We have the team of the finest teachers imparting best training lessons to the aspiring cricket starts. The main purpose of establishing the Dronacharya cricket academy at sapphire is to provide grooming to the talent from nearby areas who otherwise had to commute the long distance for good coaching opportunities. Playing cricket improves stamina, physical fitness, endurance and hand-eye coordination. It also develops team skills.

Sapphire Playing Basketball


Our school provides best facilities for playing basketball. Basketball is a great social sport which teaches students about being a good team player. It helps in building endurance, improves balance and coordination, develops concentration and self-discipline. Playing basketball helps in strengthening one's heart muscles and in improving lung capacity.


America’s favorite pastime is also the leading youth sport among students in Sapphire. It is not only a great way to teach them the value of teamwork but is also a great way to stay healthy and physically fit when played on a regular basis. Cardio exercises strengthen one's heart muscles and improve lung capacity. It also helps to build arm strength and joint flexibility. Pitching the ball and batting requires a great amount of hand-eye coordination.


“Familiarizing students with healthy, good, nutritious food in school may change their eating habits and overall health”
- Juliana Cohen

Sapphire serves a healthy vegetarian diet to its students which is cooked in a hygienic kitchen by our expert staff. The menu includes North Indian, South Indian, Continental and Chinese cuisines. It is planned by a qualified dietician who lays stress on the nutritional value of the food.


The safety of our pupils is of utter importance and first priority for us. Sapphire has security guards who do not allow any visitors without prior appointment. The entire school premises is continuously monitored through CCTV cameras. The school is outfitted with new safety elements like cameras at entrances and hideout areas, fire alarms, monitoring devices to keep students, faculty and staff in a protected environment. At Sapphire, the well being of students is of great importance to us. An onsite trained and qualified nurse is available to manage the emergencies that may arise during the school hours. The infirmary is equipped with the basic first aid facilities and medicines to address the health needs of learners in our school.

Sapphire International School

Sapphire Schools


At SIS, we are conscious that our students operate in an increasingly digital and global world. Our holistic approach to teaching and learning acknowledges that enquiry and problem solving contribute to students’ development of Thinking Skills and strategies that are needed in equipping them to face the rapidly changing demands of the 21st Century.

Technology provides the means and the context to help the students become skillful problem solvers who can learn to utilize technology effectively and responsibly to gain a competitive edge during their schooling and beyond.

Sapphire International School Noida
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