A Socially-Inclined Venture – SEWA Project

Sapphire International School believes in impacting the bigger picture through a dynamic series of ventures. This time, the school took up the potent cause of Acid Attack and enabled scholars of grade IX and X to get acquainted with this heinous social scenario. The students accompanied by teachers – Ms Sonam Marwa, Ms Vinita Singh, Ms Sushma Choudhary, Ms Aarti Singh, Ms Prachi Tiwari and Mr. Aniket Sharma paid a visit to Sheroes Hangout at Noida Stadium on Friday 15th July, 2022. Read on further to understand more about this community-centric initiative.

A combined initiative

This visit was organized by the school as a combined initiative of the Sewa Project( Social Empowerment Work in Action) and of the Human Library, a concept which embodies human interaction as the source of true knowledge. The venture was also a community – involvement endeavor through which students could learn to be an integral part of the society by being of service to it. The teachers of Sapphire took up the baton in the venture and led the scholars towards a worthwhile experience.

Social Sensitizing

Even though our society is a promising construct where each individual is given various opportunities to explore their full potential, there are certain ills that plague it too. A visit to Acid Attack victims via Sheroes Hangout was a wake up call for scholars regarding the dichotomies that make up the fiber of society. The“ Nari-Shaktikaran – Swayam Siddha’ campaign was an opportunity for the learners to meet the survivors of acid attacks and understand the stigmas society attaches to them.

An impactful experience

The whole objective of the campaign was not only to sensitize scholars to acid-attack survivors but also to get inspired by their unwavering spirit. The students were moved by their ability to brave the judgemental elements of society and to hold the essence of their beings with tenacity. The survivors strongly believed that familial ties and consistent support from their loved ones is a huge motivation for them.

Building Empathic Leaders

Sapphire International School leads by the philosophy that – ‘Every Child is a Leader’ but leaders are not created overnight, they are nurtured. Endeavors like the ‘SEWA’ Project and the Human Library cause essential paradigm shifts in young minds that will go on to impact the world at large later on. These broadening of horizons also make young adults empathize more thereby, helping them to make changes by being a part of the community and not above it.

Consistent growth is the ultimate Sapphire Way!

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