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Sapphire International School
Sapphire International School

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School in Anand Vihar

Sector-70 Noida

Best School in Anand Vihar

Crossings Republik, Ghaziabad

Play School in Anand Vihar

Anand Vihar, Delhi

Sapphire Junior School

Sector-51 Noida

Sapphire International School
Anand Vihar

Sapphire International School
Sapphire International School

Why Us

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Your Child, In the Driver's Seat of Their Education

We're glad to share the elements of our not really mystery formula for making our child into a lifelong learner however just on one condition. You should guarantee that you will impart this formula to the people at whichever school you wind up deciding for the child.

  First, give students the opportunity to investigate and inquire about their general surroundings.

 Second, provide them with lots of opportunities for reflection just as the time for a joint effort with their friends. At that point, give them the tools to evaluate themselves as learners.

 Next, offer them the chance to present their learning in multiple events like Annual Day, Sports Day, Grandparent’s day where they get to present themselves to become more confident individuals.

 Finally, rehash this means again and again. If we pursue this formula, then we will have students who take responsibility for the learning process, have a dream to outline their own course and the strength to realize whatever,    at whatever point required.

Our program lays the foundation for a lifetime of successful learning while offering a rich educational environment that is exceptional in preschool education. We encourage you to visit us so you may see firsthand how our program can inspire the innate abilities of your child.

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Emphasis on Teaching

Language as a Separate Skill

Tests that Test

Emphasis on Teaching

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Sapphire International School

Emphasis on Learning

Reading, writing, thinking, communicating across the curriculum

Tests that Teach

Teacher of Multiple Learning Styles

Emphasis on the process, metacognition-learning how to learn

Student-Directed Learning

Open-ended, multiple solutions