A Bond of Education through Politics – Dr Rajkumar Rajan Singh

Sapphire International School has always looked beyond the obvious to bring out novel ways of educating the scholars. ‘The Human Library’ is one such endeavor. Some students of Sapphire accompanied by certain teachers pay a visit to an imminent personality occasionally to know more about their lives and derive inspiration from their journeys. On 14th March, 2022, some Sapphirians along with revered school Principal Ms. Vandana Medha , Teacher Akshika and Admin Rama Mishra paid a visit to Dr Rajkumar Rajan Singh – the current Minister of State for External Affairs and Education. Read on further to know how the experience unfolded.

What propelled this meeting?

Sapphire International school believes in curating as many growth opportunities for its scholars as possible. A rendezvous with someone who has seen a lot of change and has paved his way with the sphere of education, is an ideal meeting for scholars. Dr Rajkumar Rajan Singh has braved a lot of obstacles in life through education and has emerged victorious in multiple ways. His journey is inspiring and has lots of twists to it. The spirit of never giving up shines brightly through it and this made him the ideal one for this version of ‘the Human Library.’

A knowledge-monger

Dr. Singh is a Post Graduate in Geography and earned his Ph. D. from Gauhati University. He served in different capacities including as a Lecturer, Assistant Professor, Deputy Registrar and Registrar. He also served as Director in-charge of the UGC Academic Staff College and College Development Director of Manipur University till his superannuation in 2012. He was a Senior Visiting Fellow in the Department of Geography in Manipur University, until he joined electoral politics in 2013. He has published 8 books and made numerous contributions to various national and international journals, and publications. During his academic career, Dr. Singh also participated in several national and international consultative meetings on Human Resource Management, Security Sector Reforms and Land and Livelihood Rights of Indigenous People. With a stellar record of Academic achievements, Dr. Singh decided to add another feather to his already decorated hat- in 2021 he was sworn in as the Minister of State for External Affairs and Education.

The meet and its impact

The students accompanied by two teachers and the highly revered School Principal visited Dr. Singh at his abode. They discussed the importance and challenges of his current role as the minister for External affairs and Education. He also highlighted certain important aspects of his private life that have propelled his growth as an individual. His willpower and mindset to progress no matter how odd the situations get left an indelible impact on the students.


The scholars of Sapphire had a highly enriching experience on meeting Dr. Singh, his journey left a trail of hope and determination in young minds. Sapphire hopes to give such experiences to its students consistently.