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Sapphire International School
Sapphire International School

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School in Noida

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Sapphire International School
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Sapphire International School
Sapphire International School


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SISMUN is dedicated to providing an understanding of current international affairs through a truly global perspective, as well as fostering the ability and desire to articulate proposed solutions through deliberate and persuasive means. Through this activity, a platform is provided to students to act as delegates and participate in the most dynamic, interesting and thought provoking committees and trained to participate in heightened levels of debate on pertinent international issues.


"I regard the theatre as the greatest gift of all art forms, the most immediate way in which a human being can share with another sense of what it is to be a human being"- Oscar Wilde
The thrill of being on stage or performing in any capacity in front of an audience is a magical experience. The adrenaline rush before the performance which contributes to its success is the main reason why our students strive to participate in theatre. Theatre aids the students to give up on their inhibitions and learn to express themselves at ease. Students becoming vocally strong, develop proper enunciation and skilful articulation.

Orators Podium

It’s not an easy task to speak one’s mind out. It is a harder task to speak about one’s ideas in front of an audience. It is an even harder task to speak one’s heart out in front of an audience in a language which is not one’s first language. Thus, we take this as a challenge and help our students to express themselves by mentoring them and preparing them for the right articulation.

Animation Club

Animation is one of the booming professional sectors in the current epoch. Thus, we make sure we empower our students in the same. The students learn to add motion to static objects, animating virtual characters etc. They have a fun time letting the animators in them to create some amazing characters and relate them to stories too. Conceptualised and managed by Lifeway College, New Zealand, one of the leading global animation institutes, the animation club is a virtual world of fantasy that our children live in and in the process learn the skill of imagination, visualisation, sketching and animation.


At Sapphire one can always find our little engineers creating something new all the time. Be it a motor boat or a propeller, they are keen to create something of their interest. Hence, our teachers merely have the role of being a guide who positively channelize their inner creativity. To reinforce the concepts of Physics and Electronics, this programme is run in collaboration with IIT Bombay and Lego.

TED Ed Club

The TED Ed program supports students in discovering, exploring and presenting their big ideas in the form of short, TED-style talks.The first part of the curriculum helps students explore the ideas they're passionate about. By diving into activities that expand curiosity, participants identify and discuss what matters most to them. As students journey through the curriculum, they are challenged to identify and shape the story only they can tell. Through guided brainstorms and active peer feedback exercises, students craft their very own TED-style talk. By the end of their club cycle, students record their very own talk and uploaded it to our YouTube channel, which is shared with their families, friends, communities and the world.

Give the pupil something to do; not something to learn; and the doing is of such a nature as to demand thinking; learning naturally results - John Dewey
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