Fighting Towards the Journey of Success- Karna Singh Rawat

We have all heard about the saying “fighting against all odds,” but Karna Singh Rawat a pre-primary Sapphirian is instead fighting towards the journey of success. A young talent; whose both parents are Karate experts and gold medalists, is on his exceptional journey in becoming a Karate Master in the future of Indian sports.

Karna’s positive approach of sportsmanship is a key lesson for all. He believes in playing the sports as a game and not as a competition of win and loss. A true Sapphirian who is on his journey towards inspiring many wits his impeccable Karate skills and deeply-rooted with motivational values.

Karna’s Relation with Karate

Karna has been practicing the art of karate since the age of 3. His father is his coach as he is associated with the sport professionally as a referee and a trainer in martial arts. His mother is also a karate expert who has won over 34 gold medals. Indeed, a proud student to have received training by his own parents who are masters of this art. Thus, for Karna and his family, karate runs in their blood.

Karna’s Incredible Story of Achievements and Motivation

Before delving into anything else, the entire community of Sapphire International School takes this honor to congratulate Karna Singh Rawat for winning a Bronze Medal in Royal Challenges Cup-2022 organized by All India Open Karate Championship. An incredible Sapphirian success at such a young age is truly commendable.

Karna is now a yellow belt trained at home by his father. His parents have been his pillar support and also strict mentors when it comes to teaching him the techniques and etiquettes of Karate. Karna is obedient, disciplined and has true sportsmanship inculcated in hi since the beginning, says his mother. Even after being so young, Karna has always been self-motivated and believes in taking the sport as a game and not for the purpose of winning or losing. A true sportsmanship behavior that every needs to take inspiration from.

Relevance of Sports in Education

“Academics alongside sports enables confidence in a child,” says Karna’s mother. She mentions Karna is never demotivated by any defeats the only thing that motivates him is the sportsmanship and how he can he do his best. The same ideology should be applied in academics where active participation and motivation plays an important role without worrying about the grades or results.

Also, a sport like karate is best for self-defense and body fitness. It helps in utilizing every part of the body. Karate is a also a safe sport which uses required protective measures and does no harm to your child, instead, it helps in overall body development.

In addition, Karate or martial arts are potential career options as it trains your become self-defense trainer, coaches, fitness experts and much more. And to build such opportunities the Gurus must cultivate such interests in students whether at school or academies.

In Conclusion

Karna has been representing Sapphire International School since he started the ruling the Karate arena. We wish he receives mor such accolades and recognition and shines to become the best karate master to represent India internationally, perhaps in the Olympics.

Karna Singh Rawat is a budding young talent. We hope he reaches the pinnacle of success and Sapphire International School is extremely proud of him!

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