Introducing Handy Manny- The Multifaceted Mascot of Sapphire

It gives us immense pleasure to announce our very own Sapphirian captain cool mascot- Handy Manny, who is extremely multi-skilled just like our Sapphirians. Deciding on a mascot was an intuitive and educational journey for our learners. Handy Manny came into existence through an online contest from various entries spanning Sapphire International School fraternity. Let’s see Handy Manny’s journey of existence, reveal and how it aligns with our principles, vision and ideologies.

How did Handy Manny become our mascot?

October 10, 2022, the initial journey began with an online post saying, “we’re looking for the face of Sapphire” and encouraged our learners, parents, and every faculty/staff to participate. We then experienced 13 amazing entries and with 150+ likes Handy Manny became the winner mascot for Sapphire. We revealed our mascot to the public on 20th Feb 2023.

Saatvik Malviya of grade 5 designed the multifaceted Handy Manny with his impeccable creativity that perfectly aligns with Sapphire International’s vision and ideologies. It was loved and received accolades from all our viewers. Congratulations Saatvik for this hearty and liked win.

What Saatvik says about Handy Manny

Describing Handy Manny- the perfect representation of Sapphire International School

Handy Manny is designed to be an octopus with one central brain and 8 tentacle brains. Basically, this is a depiction of how human minds can multifunction with just one brain yet come up with various ideas and creative problem-solving solutions. Sapphire does the exact same thing by cultivating new and modern ideas in our learners’ minds, developing curiosity and innovation.

Sapphire aims to condition our learners to become successful multitaskers and pro-active members of society which drives them to leadership positions. Similarly, Handy Manny, our mascot, has eight brains and legs that know how to control and manage multiple functions at the same time. Be it education, co-curricular, arts, music, science, sports, etc.

We are by the Sapphire, for the sapphire and Handy Manny is a true representation of this ideology. We support creativity, innovation and new ideas. Hence, we wanted our mascot to be by Sapphirians and for Sapphirians. Handy Manny signifies creativity and knowledge at the same time. Its eight legs act as a support for each other just like how we in Sapphire International School support one another.

What makes Handy Manny special?

Sapphire International School aims to unleash the secret talents and innovation of every learner and Handy Manny is a result of one such amazingly engaging activity where Saatvik rose to shine. Our learners are leaders of tomorrow who will wear many hats of responsibility and Handy Manny’s eight-legged approach will teach them how to juggle work-life balance yet remain creative, and curious.

Sapphire is versatile so is Handy Manny and it unfolds many opportunities for our learners from academic excellence to athletic championships. Handy Manny has its magic wand that helps Sapphirians to bring out their best potential and discover their inner strengths to reach the pinnacle of success.

Why fear, when Handy Manny is here!

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