Two Golds One Championship- Adwitiya and Shambhavi Have Rolled Their Way To Success

Sapphire International School is all about inspiration, modern education and physical wellbeing. One such living example of this are Shambhavi Singh and Adwitiya Jha of grade 4 and 5, respectively.

Recently, they both filled our hearts with joy by winning individual gold medals in the 6th Interschool Skating Competition, held at Sunvalley International School.

We are immensely proud of them and now let’s hear their incredible stories about this gold achievement.

Shambhavi’s journey to gold!

A true Sapphirian never falls. Shambavee has turned this statement into a reality when she conquered three rounds to reach the finals and made heads turn by winning the gold for our school. While she was representing Sapphire International School at the skating championship in quads category, she incurred a small incident. She accidentally mingled with a trembling moment of fall. But nothing stopped our fighter, she mastered this challenge with her wit and skills and reached the finale to win the gold.

Having won silver and bronze earlier, this was Shambhavi’s first gold. Indeed, a proud moment for us as she won her first gold representing Sapphire International School. She is embedded with true sportsmanship where even a slip could not make her lose. She stood back-up and skated for her first milestone ever received- the gold medal.

Shambhavi Singh, who also aspires to be an artist has given a message for fellow skaters but it is something that we must adhere in our everyday lives- “If you fall, do not give up.”

Adwitiya won the gold fighting against all odds!

The truth always triumphs. You shall know why we mentioned this statement when we are talking about Adwitiya Jha’s gold winning moment at the 6th Interschool Skating Championship. He was in the Inline category (three-wheel skates).

We mentioned about truth triumphing because Adwitiya had to prove his skills to win the gold. He qualified to the finals and while he was on his race to end in the finals, he was subjected to allegations of cheating and pushing. As a result, the race was redone.

Second time, our true Adwitiya proved himself to be the ultimate winner while he was being attacked to cheating and malpractices. Yet, nothing could stop our Sapphire warrior from winning this championship and bringing the gold home. Truly inspiring and courageous of you Adwitiya. A true sportsman who believed in his skills and honesty always leads to success. And once could evidently witness this in Adwitiya’s case.

This was Adwitiya’s fourth time representing our school and he was guided by our skating coach all the time. Our skating tracks are always in mint condition and our coaches make it a point our stars never feel the lack of support.

In the end- they both took one for the team

Shambhavi and Adiwitya, both had to face challenges in the championship yet it did not stop them from winning. They both fought and, won two golds for our school.

Sapphire International School is extremely proud of these two amazing warriors and superb skaters who rolled their wheels to achieve success for us and for them. Hearties congratulations to the both of you.

Sapphire will continue to support you in your journey towards skating with our on-campus skating facilities that we provide. Alongside, we wish you all the best for all your future endeavors. May you fly and reach the sky with your skills, knowledge and sportsmanship.

Sapphire skates you to success!

It is not only Adwitiya and Shambhavi who have represented our school in skating but there are many others. We are mentioning this because we consider skating as a career-opportunity alongside education. Sapphire has its own skating track and practice Facilites under expert guidance. We find innumerous potential in skating here at Sapphire.

We have designated faculty to look after our learners and coach them on an expert for them to master their skillset in roller skates. Also, we conduct periodic classes on a weekly basis and we make sure every learner receives equal training and support.

We are nurturing more Adwitiya and Shambhavi at our school and preparing for not only best but Gold and Olympics.

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