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Scholarship & Financials

Education is a valuable asset that improves the quality of life of students. At Sapphire, we constantly encourage our learners to strive for excellence and soar to new heights through diverse opportunities. We empower our Sapphirians to evolve and reach closer to their goals by reducing their financial strain.

Through exclusive scholarship programmes, we recognize extraordinary talents in the academic and non-academic areas and help them excel. These unique scholarship programmes act as a source of encouragement and help them put their best foot forward in their areas of interest.

Did You Know

Our school cabinet nurtures leadership skills among our pupils and trains them to emerge as future ready leaders.

Scholarship Programmes

We believe that our students deserve nothing but the best. We identify the multi-faceted talents and potential of the Sapphirians and offer special scholarship programmes to them.

These exclusive scholarship programmes act as an incredible opportunity of growth helping them become their own agents of success. Providing abundant educational resources, the Sapphire Scholarship Programme is aimed at providing the most exciting opportunities for further advancements and progress in their chosen field.

These scholarship programmes are not restricted to the arena of academics. It could be in their areas of interest like sports and arts. This motivates them to pursue their passion and bring in pride and glory to the school.

Scholarship Criteria

  • The scholarship offerings to the students will depend on their merit and requirement.
  • Our scholarship programmes are available to the new students entering either Grades 9 or 11. This will be applicable for a one-year academic period.
  • The scholarships granted to the student go through an annual review process by our team. It is also based on the consistency in the performances of the candidates.
  • Students looking for scholarships in the Sports and Arts category must be winners at intra school/Inter school/ district/state/national levels.


Scholarships have the power to change lives.

The prestigious Sapphire Scholarship Programme also provides incredible opportunities to the meritorious students in the wider community. These are the students who show exemplary performances in their chosen areas of interest.

This is a special endeavour to fulfill the academic aspiration of the talented students while encouraging them to strive for growth, development and success.
The scholarship admission seats are fixed on first come first serve basis by the Management. The early applications are generally sanctioned by the scholarship committee. This will be duly communicated to the parents and notified to our accounts department by our Admission team.

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