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Sapphire International School

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Learning with innovation

Committed to raising future-ready leaders, we believe in imparting the multi-faceted education that is not just restricted to academics. We focus on the cognitive development of our learners that help them to connect with their inner-self and put their best foot forward.

At Sapphire, we honor and celebrate achievements of meritorious students through special scholarship programs.

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We offer diverse opportunities to our learners to visit textile industries, hospitals, banks to provide them a deep understanding of the functionalities of corporate structures.

Creating young leaders who pave the way

At Sapphire, we shape young minds and build leaders of tomorrow.

Inspired by Dr. Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligence, our curriculum focuses on essential life skills such as discipline, compassion and problem-solving abilities. These help them acquire a sense of self and prepare them to emerge as confident, empathetic and inspiring leaders.

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Educating young minds with a personal touch

Our special approach to personalized learning invites curiosity of the students, celebrates their uniqueness and helps them discover their passion.

We have highly qualified educators who conduct personal contact care classes to clarify doubts and guide the learners to work on their limitations in certain subjects or concepts.

To further guide our Sapphirians to find a correct path, we arrange special in-house career counseling sessions with both students and parents.

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Perfect bend of tradition and modern ethos

While we focus on traditional value-based education through equality clubs and rotary clubs.

We also encourage our learners to form a fresh perspective about the current developments of the world.

Committed to make young minds future ready, we have e-coding and artificial intelligence courses embedded in the curriculum.

We have also broadened the horizons of learning through special capstone projects and events like Technothon. The special outreach programmes conducted by our school teach Sapphirians the true essence of contributing to the society.

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The true taste of cognitive growth

At Sapphire, we focus on a wide array of extra-curricular activities that enable our learners to develop special skills beyond their subject knowledge and discover their own light.

While our Dronacharya Cricket Academy provides special training to aspiring cricketers, we also offer special on-one guidance in collaboration with FITSO SEALS Swimming Academy. Our school enables the learners to identify their hidden talents through 25 co-curricular activities and club activities like SESMUN, Theatre, Orators Podium and more.

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Strengthening the future of learners

We value the dreams and aspirations of our learners and help them reach their goals.

To help our learners navigate their path, we also conduct career fests. These enable them to connect with potential employers in their desirable field and explore various career paths that align with their skill sets and interests.

Our summer workshops on entrepreneurship provide the Sapphirians the opportunity to learn from professionals, equip them with decision making skills and prepare them for the outside world.

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Human Library

We believe that instead of borrowing books from the library, borrow a few minutes from the successful people

…who have left indelible impressions made and learn from their experiences.

The Human Library is not an attempt at replacing books completely with real-life experiences but a blend of the two would be ideal. To make leaders for the future, a holistic approach is an absolute necessity. Taking pearls of wisdom from individuals who have unraveled various layers of the self in the pursuit of life is something that can nourish the minds of young learners.

The Human Library

Smt. Draupadi Murmu

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Shri Chirag Paswan

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Dr. Harsha Vardhan

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Dr Rajkumar Rajan Singh

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