At Sapphire, we have a well-framed curriculum which aims to bring about an overall development of each child. Affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), our NEP aligned curriculum helps us offer the best of quality education as per industry standards and shape the future of the Sapphirians.

Did You Know

We facilitate ‘Project based learning’ wherein the students learn through the development of hands-on, minds-on and research-based disposition towards learning

Child-centric Curriculum

Our well-designed curriculum equips our learners with essentials skills and strengthen the cognitive growth of young minds.

Providing a wide range of enriching educational practices, we enable each child to think beyond conventions and work on their individual strengths.

We understand that each child has a different learning capacity. Keeping this in mind, we offer multiple access points to various subjects and pay attention to diverse educational needs at every step of the way.

Pre – Primary Level (Nursery and Kindergarten)

These are the foundational years of learning and play a crucial role in the overall growth of a child.

We aim to make this stage of learning memorable through a wide range of fun-filled and interesting activities. We enhance the communication skills of these budding geniuses through role pays, dramatization and other interesting activities.

Apart from incorporating multimedia, music and games in the curriculum, we also aim at the holistic development of each child.
We aim to bring in:

Language development through phonetics, engaging story telling sessions and auditory games.
Physical and psychological development through special activities like beading, folding, buttoning and spooning.
Pre-writing Skills through insets for design, sand patterns and tracing sandpaper letters.

Primary Level (Class I to V)

Referred to as the bedrock of development, the primary level of education prepares every child for the years of learning ahead and even for life.

Our curriculum does not just revolve around text book learning but is oriented towards concept building and activity-based learning.

Apart from instilling subject-based knowledge, we also emphasize on interactive sessions and project-based learning. To eliminate the classroom monotony, we also incorporate excursions and field trips where children learn together in a joyful manner.

Middle School (Class VI to VIII)

This is the transitional phase between the primary and secondary education.

Our school provides the necessary support to our learners to sail through this challenging phase. Offering a nurturing learning environment, we guide students in the right direction and set them on a path toward unwavering success. Be it art, math or science, we help our learners identify their areas of passion and discover the subjects that match their interests.

We also work on the intellectual, artistic, aesthetic and social growth of every Sapphirian. Our interdisciplinary projects and project-based learning further fuel their passion for knowledge.

Our curriculum also includes coding and artificial intelligence programmes that helps the little learners understand the needs of the tech-driven world better.

Senior School (Class IX and X)

Our all-encompassing curriculum prepares our learners for this crucial juncture.

This is the time we focus on the scholastic areas like languages, social-studies, mathematics and science and help them develop a strong command over these subjects. We gradually instill career awareness among the Sapphirians and lay a strong foundation of learning.

Apart from working on personality development, our educators help them acquire skills that take them closer their goals. Spread over four terms, our academic year also includes co-scholastic activities like work education, art education and health and physical education.

Senior Secondary School Curriculum (Class XI and XII)

As the learners gear up to step into the outside world, we prepare them by strengthening their knowledge base and confidence.

This is the time we help them work on their strengths and set long term goals. Offering a warm and immersive learning environment, our school makes sure that the Sapphirians are unafraid to ask questions, clarify their doubts and solidify their knowledge.

During this phase, our learners develop a strong expertise in their preferred subjects and build life skills that help them become future- ready citizens.

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