Just like adults, even students go through a whirlwind of emotions in everyday life. In these growing years, emotional health becomes a very crucial aspect of child development. Social emotional wellness helps them cope with the challenges, stress and improves their productivity. It helps us connect with ourselves, manage our emotions and perform to the best of our abilities.

At Sapphire, we pay special attention to the emotional needs of our students and strive to support them not just academically but also emotionally.

Did You Know

Driven by the mission of promoting mental and emotional wellness, we offer in-house career counseling’s sessions for both parents and students.

Counselling session with learners

Our school has a dedicated Counselling Department which helps our learners overcome the various emotional struggles they go through in everyday life.

Offering individual and group counselling, we build resilience in students and help them become empathetic and balanced individuals of the global community.

The expert counsellors assist the students with exam stress, friendship/relationship issues, trauma, bullying issues, anger, anxiety and more. Offering a secure and supporting environment, they deal with the issues in a confidential manner with an emphasis on solution-focused techniques.

Parent Workshops and sessions

The way a parent raise and guides a child makes a world of difference in his character and overall-growth.

We conduct various workshops and sessions for parents that help them discover the true potential of the children and maximize their scope of growth and development. The webinars intend to educate and support them with effective parenting abilities and strategies.

This helps them build a healthy relationship with their children and understand the diverse emotional needs in the growing years. These sessions are directly proportional to the self-esteem, cognitive development and achievement of the children.

Normalize mental health conversations

Often, children struggle but are afraid to open up about their vulnerabilities and fears even to their peers or family.

They go through a variety of emotions like stress, anger, depression and anxiety on a daily basis. Our facilitators and mentors communicate with the learners and are always ready to listen to the issues concerning them.

Offering a secure and inclusive environment, we encourage our learners to address these emotions and talk openly about their challenges. We help them develop coping skills through simple activities like writing journals, positive affirmations and more.

Wellness Initiatives and Mindfulness Lessons

We conduct mental health initiatives workshops for students to promote emotional well-being and help them reflect on their own thoughts and feelings.

This includes mindfulness techniques to control their emotions and remain calm even during the times of adversities.

These lessons help them become more aware of their own mental distresses and train them with the essential skills of emotional regulation. Equipped with a better sense of self-control, they can combat any kind of emotional distress and also become sensitive to their own peers and relatives.

Yoga Classes

Often known as the key to a healthy and happy life, yoga can keep our mind and body in perfect alignment.

At Sapphire, we conduct regular yoga classes to develop greater awareness in young minds and cultivate mindfulness in an effective manner. With the combination of deep breathing, meditation and right postures, yoga helps us connect with our mind, improves our mood and keeps negative emotions at bay.

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