Adopted from Dr. Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligence we believe every child is a leader.

We are committed to raising future-ready global citizens, who are innovative and courageous to venture into unexplored territories and we shall achieve this through creating a perfect blend of the infrastructural ecosystem, passionate faculty, and a unique parental inclusion program.

Did You Know

To ensure that our pupils learn from the best and improve the quality of education, we conduct regular teacher training workshops.


  • At Sapphire, every child feels valued and cherished. We motivate our learners to work on their strengths and evolve.
  • Our school has a unique child-centric curriculum where learners are encouraged to develop expertise in their areas of interest and explore the ‘I in Me’ element of their personality.
  • Our curriculum design is grounded on 360 Degree Spectrum focusing on the holistic growth and development of our learners.
  • We don’t just create leaders. But we inspire others and bring a positive change in
    the society.


  • We provide a safe and conducive learning environment to enable our learners to facilitate effective and efficient learning.
  • We encourage learners to rejoice in and do well through the pursuit of academic excellence across the curriculum and beyond
  • Catering to the diverse educational needs, we enable learners to reach closer to their dreams and goals.
  • We offer a unique blend of traditional values and modern ethos that shapes the moral and social conduct of every Sapphirian.
  • Staying true to our mission of creating leaders, we offer meaningful learning experiences through valuable opportunities to excel.

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