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If we can prepare children to be inspiring leaders, we can create a better world.

At Sapphire, we believe that every child is a leader and provide them the wings to fly high. Based on multiple intelligence theory of Howard  Gardner, an American developmental psychologist, our curriculum celebrates the unique abilities of every child while preparing them to shape the world. The formative years play an instrumental role in a child's development.

It is the ideal time to train the children to develop the qualities of a great leader. Leadership skills are a combination of various factors that help every child to approach problems creatively, work collaboratively and guide others. We help our learners to become harbingers of change who leave a mark wherever they go.

Did You Know

Our school cabinet nurtures leadership skills among our pupils and trains them to emerge as future ready leaders.

School Senate – Paving the Path of Effective Leadership

The School Senate, a student leadership body is an integral part of our school.

They uphold the values of the school and are entrusted with the responsibility of maintaining discipline and order in the campus. This leadership body comprising school prefects represents the rest of the students, take care of their requirements and contribute to the overall growth of Sapphire.

They represent the school in and outside the campus and lead others with humility. Through various activities and projects, the school senate promotes leadership for the entire student community. The school senate is declared on our investiture Ceremony ‘Torchbearers’ and is selected on the basis of scrutinous interviews, group discussions and performances at the leadership camps.

Student Volunteer Program

At Sapphire, we believe that every child is a born leader and provide them with the guidance they need to create an impact to the society.

Our school undertakes various projects which instills a strong sense of self among our learners. These help them work on their innate abilities, discover their true light and walk towards the path of effective leadership.

It also builds their emotional intelligence, interpersonal skills and shapes their personality in the most unique way. Senior Students are engaged in vocational activities on Saturdays, and shadow the administration staff to observe and learn the behind the scenes working of school.

Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable Development offers an approach to make informed decisions which meet the needs of the present generation without having an impact on the future generations.

We came up with an activity where the students were divided into four teams. Each of them researched and elaborated on various sustainable development goals that were initiated by UN General Assembly in 2015 to be achieved by 2030.

These are a collection of 17 interlinked global goals which are an urgent call for action designed to transform the world and include important aspects like zero hunger, good health, well-being, clean water, gender equality and more. This activity fostered team spirit enabling them to understand the importance of using our resources carefully in pursuit of a sustainable future. We also organized a rally to discourage gender discrimination, which is another important aspect of the Sustainable Development Goals initiated by the UN.

With these efforts, we try to make our Sapphirians future ready citizens with a higher sense of sensitivity towards the society.

Our Leaders

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Aditya Sanga


Head Girl

Palak Sharma


Cultural Head

Megha Yadav


Sports Head

Aayati Saroha


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