Nature Smart (Naturalist)

Children who are nature smart have a strong connection with nature and enjoy activities like gardening, hiking, camping and recycling.

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People Smart (Interpersonal)

Known as team players, these children have the ability to assess emotions, desires and can look at things from various perspectives. 

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Number Smart (Logical/Mathematical)

Children with this form of intelligence have unique problem-solving, logical skills and are excellent in mathematical solutions and puzzles.

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Picture Smart (Spatial/Visual)

The picture smart children can interpret graphs, maps, images accurately and have an interest in painting, visual arts and construction games.

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Self-Smart (Intrapersonal)

The Self smart learners enjoy introspection, self-reflection and are completely aware of their own feelings, strengths and weaknesses. 

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Body Smart (Bodily Kinesthetic)

Individuals who show kinesthetic intelligence have remarkable physical coordination, motor control and are skilled at dance and sports.

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31 Jul
3rd NEP Anniversary Exhibiton

  Students from Sapphire International School, Crossings Republik visited the 3rd NEP Anniversary Exhibition at Pragati Maidan. From Atal Tinkering…

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20 Mar
Falak Sood, Ananya Garg & Sreenidhi Pillai R...

Enlightened with the learnings of Math wizards, students of Sapphire International School performed exceptionally at Aryabhata Ganit Challenge. Their dedication,…

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