At Sapphire we encourage our students to not just dream but achieve.

Without a clear road map, students often lose their direction in life. Some might want to go to college, start their own business or pursue a particular career. To convert all these aspirations into accomplishments, it is important to have a clear idea of what you want to achieve in life. At Sapphire, we provide students with the support and resources they need to prepare for future educational and career opportunities and help them reach their goals.

Did You Know

The Sapphirians paid a visit to the Indian Air Force Museum, New Delhi. The historic photographs, memorabilia, uniforms, personal weapons used by the Indian Air Force enabled our students to get transported to our patriotic past.

Sapphire Career Guidance and Advisory Cell

This is responsible for providing the guidance and support to students as they consider and plan for their future careers.

This is designed around NEP 2020 that meets the diverse educational needs of 21st century and is suitable for the changing face of world and education. Amidst diverse options, it might get overwhelming for the students to find the perfect career path that reflects their interests the best.

By opening doors to a world full of opportunities, the cell helps students set clear goals and priorities, explore different career options and make informed decisions about their future. It enables them to avoid distractions, channelizes their interests, tracks their progress, helps them stay motivated and keep walking in the right direction with their goal in mind.


Connects students with important resources and supports them to prepare for entrance examination.

  • It provides guidance on how to apply to International and National colleges and universities, offers valuable insights about the dos and don’ts of college applications, updates about the competitive examination dates, application deadlines and other information pertaining to admissions.
  • The cell motivates and assists the students to shortlist suitable colleges, universities and institutions for higher studies in India and across the globe. It provides information and resources about programs and courses that align with their interests, goals and skills of the students.
  • Acts as the solid support system to the students who are facing challenges or uncertainty about navigating their career paths and finding their true calling.
  • Led by experts, it provides effective guidance on how to write strong and compelling college essays and personal statements. This may include tips on structure, content and style.
  • Objectives

    It reviews the personal resume and scrutinizes the college applications to ensure that the students create the perfect impression and strike the right chord.

  • The cell offers one-on-advice about selecting programs that align with the strengths, interests, and career goals of the students and help them launch themselves in the undergraduate/ degree colleges.
  • For classes 6 to 12, it follows career guidance curriculum and instills essential life skills like self-assessment, communication, time management, leadership and teamwork among the learners.
  • Coordinates with the educators to ensure that students receive appropriate recommendations that meet the desired criteria. This may involve helping students identify the best teachers to ask for recommendations, assisting with the process of requesting and submitting recommendations.
  • Conducts group sessions and workshops on a variety of career-related and college application topics that helps the students stay updated and aware.
  • Encourages students to participate in webinars, internships, summer/winter schools, learning camps and volunteer activities. This helps the students create connections that may be valuable in the future and develop important skills for exciting career options.

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