Multiple Intelligence Based Learning

We follow the theory of multiple intelligences proposed by Howard Gardner which challenges the traditional theory that there is only one type of intelligence. Our school has adopted the concept of Multiple Intelligence into our pedagogy and exposed our children to multiple ways of effective learning. Instead of a single dominated intelligence, we offer a wide spectrum of multiple intelligences that nurture the innate abilities of the learners and bring about optimum cognitive development. Our methods includes:

Did You Know

We have an ideal low teacher student ratio which aids smooth interactions in classes and ensures personalized attention to each learner

Tech- Driven Learning

We believe in imparting education that is relevant with the changing times

Today’s kids pick up complex concepts easily with the help of technology. Keeping this in mind, we have come up with a technology-driven infrastructure that makes a remarkable difference in the progress of the Sapphirians. With the help of audio-visual tools, PowerPoints, projectors, the students can learn things easily. This not only fosters student engagement in classrooms but also fuels their love for learning.

We have also come up with special coding and artificial intelligence programs that make the learners future ready enabling them to think critically. Through this form of advanced learning, children become true innovators in cutting-edge technology.

Flipped Learning

The flipped learning methodology has brought in a paradigm shift in the education sector.

It flips the traditional form of teaching yet increases student engagement. Instead of giving a lecture in class, the mentor introduces a topic in class and gives pre-recorded lectures in the form of videos to the students. The students go through the video at home, discuss it with his peers, carry out research and do homework.

We have also adopted this form of learning in pursuit of better academic outcomes. They come well-prepared for the next class and use this time to expand upon the subject with the help of the educators. This aids independent learning skills among students. It also allows the educators to spend less time covering the basics of a subject and devote more time to delve deeper into the subjects.

Enquiry Based Learning

It is an effective teaching method adopted by the leading institutions across the world.

We also incorporate project-based learning to transcend the boundaries of textbooks and lectures.

It is a student-centered approach where the learners develop extensive knowledge about a particular subject while working on engaging projects, complex problems, questions or challenges.

This equips the learners with a deep understanding of the content, fosters collaborative spirit and aids problem solving skills.

Beyond Academics

“Holistic education is the only source that can change the way of thoughts in our mind.”

Success in the modern world is just not based on academics, grades and textbook learning. To reach excellence in various areas of life, we need to inculcate a variety of other essential life skills. At Sapphire, we take an expansive view of learning which focuses on creating an approach beyond academics. We believe that holistic education and development are the need of the hour that can help every child to emerge as an all-rounder. Our child-centered curriculum covers a plethora of co-scholastic activities like sports, performing arts and visual arts. Providing holistic education, we prepare children to be team players, excellent communicators and critical thinkers who can take on the challenges of the world. This holistic approach ensures the success and the well-being of the Sapphirians.

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