At Sapphire, global citizenship is not restricted to a subject. It is a strong framework for learning and way of being.

We are a multi-cultural school that equips the learners with all the skills required to succeed in an international community. Global programs are the most enriching aspect of our school's curriculum. Committed to create future ready global citizens, we emphasize on well-designed global programs that broaden the horizons of learning, increase cultural awareness and help our students enjoy the true essence of global exposure.

Did You Know

We facilitate ‘Project based learning’ wherein the students learn through the development of hands-on, minds-on and research-based disposition towards learning

Language Labs

Global exposure can help students learn how to communicate and interact effectively with people from different cultural backgrounds.

This can turn out to be valuable in a globalized world. To help our students develop strong global language skills, our school also has come up with well-equipped language labs. With the effective guidance of the experts, our learners learn languages like French and German. We also present audio-visual materials that elevate the learning experience of the students and help them develop expertise in the foreign languages.

French and German Week

It is important to appreciate other cultures to create a harmonious and inclusive society and understand the world from various viewpoints.

To honour and celebrate various cultures, we organize French and German Language Week in our school. These events are carefully curated to introduce our students to various aspects of French and German week. The events revolve around films, class presentations, food exhibitions, celebration of history, tourism attraction, cultural heritage, traditions, handicrafts of German and France. This interests our students to diverse cultures and makes them more globally aware.

Model United Nations (MUN)

At Sapphire, we encourage our students to participate in Intra and Interschool MUN.

It is a simulation of the United Nations where students can learn about international relations and diplomacy. The students play the role of delegates from different countries, debate on current global issues and even make an effort to solve the problems with the policies and perspectives of their assigned country. This involves extensive research and deepens their knowledge and understanding of the worldly matters. It also expands their global exposure as the students get an opportunity to engage with other students from different cultural and ideological backgrounds through the participation.

Annual Career Fest

We conduct annual career fests that bring together students and employers to facilitate job search and career exploration.

This allows students to learn about job opportunities spread across the world, make strong connections with international companies and open doors to future prospects. It gives the students the opportunity to build a global network of contacts that can be valuable in their future careers. By participating in these career fests, students dive into different cultures, which can broaden their perspectives and help them evolve as more globally minded individuals.

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