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At Sapphire, we believe that the youth should be involved in sports to grow up to be a well-rounded individual. It takes care of their mental, emotional, social health and help them break free from the barriers that often lie within them. The pressure of academics seems unsettling for the young learners. Sports is the best way for them to get engaged in a physical activity they need to remain fit and healthy.


“Art is the way to the essence of human life.” Just like sports, it enables our students find their creative expression in the most unique ways. Art education connects the learners to their own culture and the world at large.

Did You Know

Through cross cultural exposure, our school encourages diversity among our learners helping them form a strong connection with unexplored cultures from various corners of the world.


Dronacharya Cricket Academy

We believe that our learners deserve nothing but the best.

Keeping this in mind we offer world class sports facilities and wide plethora of options to choose from.

Dronacharya Cricket Academy– For the aspiring cricketers, we bring to you Dronacharya Cricket Academy with state of the facilities and equipments. With the guidance of the most qualified and experienced professionals and coaches, the young cricketers learn some of the most important skills and techniques and turn out to be true masters of the game.

Swimming Academy – FITSO

In collaboration with FITSO SEALS, our school features a premium swimming academy with modern facilities

The well-structured training program along with experienced coaches create skilled swimmers of tomorrow. We also have a weather controlled mini-Olympic size swimming pool that aids the learning process.

Annual Sports Meet

Our school organizes annual sports day where the learners, teachers and parents come together for a day full of competitive sports at every level

While the students of primary section engage in fun activities like drills, races, the senior students also engage in a wide range of sport activities and games which are competitive and exciting at the same time. The contestants who show extraordinary performances are encouraged through awards, metals and certificates presented by prestigious guests.

Sports Programmes

Being involved in sports and games in everyday life help children reach new heights.

To instill sportsman and competitive spirit among our learners, our school also holds inter class matches, interhouse matches and friendly games. These help our pupils build strong relationships with their peers and earn necessary skills related to their favourite sport. Through these programmes, we shape the all-rounder personality of our students and build potential sportsmen of tomorrow.


Annual Celebrations

This is the most awaited event of the school which marks the culmination of our academic year.

It is the time to commemorate the various noteworthy achievements of our school. We celebrate our section wise annual day which provides our Sapphirians an opportunity to showcase their talents on the stage while building their confidence. The celebrations are filled with a plethora of rich of cultural activities like theatrical plays, dance performances, musical events, speeches and more.

Sapphire Cultural Week

We not only help the Sapphirians to respect their own culture but help them understand, appreciate and form a strong bond with other cultures across the world

Our cultural weeks are carefully designed to promote multilingualism and cultural diversity at its best. While we celebrate literary weeks to kindle the Sapphirians’s love for English literature, we also celebrate Hindi Diwas to build the vocabulary and interest of our learners in the subject. We also provide with the true essence of global exposure through Francophonie week and German Fests.

Innovative Clubs

Focused on a curriculum that is beyond academics, school clubs are an integral part of our learning process.

At Sapphire, we conduct a wide array of club activities to create small communities of learners with similar interests. This offers them a break from academics helping them to spend time in a productive manner and explore diverse avenues at the same time. Based on their diverse interests, the students are presented with endless options of club activities. To name a few:

  • Basketball club
  • Interact Club
  • Personality Development
  • Theatre Club
  • Equality Club
  • MUN club
  • IT club
  • Entrepreneurship Club and many more interest-focused clubs

  • Show n Tell (Pre-primary)

    Public speaking is an important skill required in every leader.

    Staying true to our philosophy of creating leaders of tomorrow, we help our learners pick up public speaking and debating skills to present and articulate their opinions with confidence. This is a unique way to raise creative thinkers and help them evolve while gaining competitive advantage in the most effective manner. Through this activity, they learn how to write speeches and maximize their potential to the fullest.

    Behes Debating Society (Senior School)

    ‘Behes’ an international platform for young debaters, which has provided our students with a golden opportunity to bring forth their views on diverse topics.

    It presents the students with a plethora of stimulating issues to debate on for both, the seniors and the club’s division. We have been the proud hosts for the same with our students earning various titles and laurels in the same. It is highly motivating to see the students express their views on the diverse topics to the best of their abilities.

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