A Humane and Knowledge-Fueled Experience – Shri Chirag Paswan

Real-life experiences can help us gain great amounts of wisdom and knowledge. Keeping this growth factor in mind, Sapphire International School came up with the concept of ‘The Human Library.’ Once in a while, Sapphirians pay a visit to an eminent personality who has impacted the society at large through his actions and services.  In the past, Sapphirians have paid visits to larger-than- life  personalities like Dr. Rajkumar Rajan Singh and Dr. Harsh Vardhan  through which the students have amassed tremendous amounts of knowledge.  These conversations help young minds expand their Horizons and get wisdom through the life and experiences of individuals who have braved a number of crests and troughs in life. Hence, the concept of ‘The Human Library.’

This time, some selected  scholars accompanied by the revered Principal of Sapphire International School, Ms. Vandana Medha visited the Member of Parliament, Sri Chirag Paswan and the rendezvous had a major impact on Sapphirians.

What Propelled the visit ?

As students of Grade Nine completed their chapter in Economics on Individuals as resources, the school decided to pay a visit to a living example of an impactful Human Resource – Shri Chirag Paswan, current Member of Parliament of the Lok Sabha, Former Actor and Former President of the Jan Shakti Party. A Person who has played multiple roles in society, has surely affected and been affected by the multiple layers of it. This makes such an individual a vessel for unparalleled knowledge and real-life experiences.

The Visit.

When the students visited  Shri Chirag Paswan along with the revered Principal Ma’am of the School, they were gifted with a huge spectrum of real-life scenarios that had unfolded in Mr. Paswan’s journey so far. He specifically emphasized on the career choices aspect in an individual’s life. There are three essential factors that Shri Chirag Paswan emphatically spoke about – interest, ability and aptitude. He mentioned how punctuality is an essential factor to shape one’s character and one’s career. According to him, one must take ownership of his or her decisions keeping in mind that irrespective of the consequence, the learning curve does not stop. Shri Paswan placed great emphasis on following one’s instinct and making one’s dream come true with the help of a focused mindset.

Conclusive Statements.

The visit helped to broaden the mental paradigms of young students who are still building a pathway for themselves and are en route to discovering different layers to themselves. To add to this, Ms. Vanadana Medha mentioned the dual importance of both success and failure in one’s life and how one can only fully experience success after tasting failure. As a modernist and a visionary, Ms. Medha also spoke of consistently exploring new things for constant growth. Furthermore, when students learnt of Shri Paswan’s Ngo – ‘Chirag Ka Rojgar’ which works actively towards fighting unemployment and joblessness by providing opportunities to the Youth. His Big Picture Approach and his dedication towards making a change in society, truly inspired all.