Draupadi Murmu And Children’s Day 2022- A Kind And Gracious Gift Of Encouragement For Sapphire Learners

Empathy is the key to kindness and humanity! One must learn to unlearn every aspect of classical conditioning and treat everyone as equal with an unjudged and unprejudiced opinion. Our Human Library initiative has the same motive. Keeping that in mind, Sapphire International School, organized a visit to the premises of the honorable president of India, Draupadi Murmu.

It was yet another initiative of our human library series where our learners and educators had the opportunity to understand and read the insights of the president of India by verbatim.

Children’s Day in India

In India, 14th of November is celebrated as Children’s Day honoring the birth anniversary of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. Schools across India celebrate this event with cultural programs, fancy dress competitions and many other pompous events.

Our Learners Received a Kind Gift this Children’s Day

On the occasion of Children’s Day, many schools received an invitation to meet the honorable president of India, Draupadi Murmu ma’am at Rashtrapati Bhavan (President’s residence).

Sapphire International School takes great pride and value to have received this invitation. Our Principal Ms. Vandana Midha accompanied our leaners for the visit. Indeed, a golden opportunity for our learners to have gotten inspired and learn from the most influential lady of our country. The best and valuable gift a child can get on Children’s Day.

What did our learners experience?

Our learners were greeted with the prideful words “Jai Hind” and soon there were handshakes with the president. Learners had the opportunity to interact with Draupadi ma’am and answer a few of her questions. She asked about the hobbies and interests. Our learners politely yet confidently mentioned their interests and aim in life.

A learner from sixth standard mentioned, the president of India, was very kind, humble and encouraging. She, learned the importance of being kind to everyone and how a positive channeling of words can encourage a person to choose their path of success. They saw all of these aspects in our President that drove them inspirationally and motivated them thoroughly.

The president was also patient enough to hear our students queries and replied everyone with a smile and poise on her face. Here, she also mentioned a very important part of human life, the childhood. She, mentioned about the innocence and naughtiness a child must live. While narrating an incident, she mentioned, how she used to gather mangoes from neighboring houses and how it gave her so much joy. Our learners, thus, learnt; how one must find happiness in little things in life and that is by never letting the child in you disappear from your mind and soul.

In Conclusion

Draupadi ma’am’s words of wisdom will surely act as guiding light and a motivator for all our learners to walk their path of success. They only become a better version of themselves and will turn out be the shining stars of our country tomorrow.

This indeed was a great initiative for our human library session as there was equal interaction and equal learning from both sides. All we can say is that our hon’ble president is no less than a book that taught the lesson of humility, kindness and encouragement to our learners.

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