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Impacting Melodiously – Virat Khampariya

Music is a universal language. It connects people from all ethnicities, cultures and faiths. The melodies produced by a voice have been known to possess the power to move many souls. One such moving voice in Sapphire International School is that of Virat Khampariya. This sensational singer from 7th Grade has made a mark with his unparalleled skill set. Read on further to know more about his achievements.

A Talent – filled, Multi-Tasker

Virat has a great ear for recognizing notes and symphonies. But this attribute is not only because of his golden voice. It is a result of embracing various aspects of Music itself. Besides practicing singing Virat plays the keyboard as well. He has been training in it in order to get a more nuanced understanding regarding the myriad aspects of music itself. This helps him to understand technical detailings such as – tonalities, pitches, rhythmic structures, notes and much more. Virat is also a passionate tennis enthusiast and practices the sport with utmost commitment.

Fueled by Support

Having people who have faith in your abilities is always a great feeling. Virat is supported both by his family and his school in his creative endeavors. It all began with him giving an outstanding performance on Independence Day a few years ago which took everyone aback. Following which, Virat gave a ‘Bhajan Performance’ on the occasion of Diwali. An astounding speech is more than blurting out an ensemble of words. It involves voice modulation with respect to the kind of speech one is giving. Virat gave a spectacular speech on Teacher’s Day which left a somber impression on the crowd. For four years now, Virat has been training in Classical, Bollywood and Hollywood singing through the support of his family. Sapphire International also has an in-house music group which provides an immense number of opportunities to singers and musicians like Virat.

Roots and future plans

Virat has a lineage of brilliant voices in his family. His grandfather and his great grandfather both were brilliant singers. The legacy has been transmuted through DNA but the pathway carved is purely individualistic. Having done a thorough assessment of himself, he has decided on becoming a music composer and if that plan fails, he would plunge into the world of tennis. His goals are set, his vision is clear and his talent is sure to take him places.

Sapphire International School nurtures curious minds by providing them with various opportunities to shine. It makes sure that no talent goes under-explored. Virat’s talents continue to shine because of his own efforts and the opportunities presented to him on his way. He is an inspiration to many and a child prodigy of melodies.

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