Young diplomats shine: Students of Sapphire takes the world of MUN by storm

Sapphire continues to uphold its tradition of excellence. Time and again, our learner have proved that they possess the talent, drive, and determination to excel in multiple areas of their lives. Their recent success at the RGS Model United Nations (MUN) competition is just one example of the many ways in which our students make our school proud. Aadya Mishra, a class 9 student and Anushka Yadav, a class 12 student represented our school, excelled and received top honours at the MUN competition, leaving a lasting impression on the community. Though she was participating in MUN for the very first time, Aadya gave an outstanding performance and received a special mention for All India Political Party Meet category in the competition. On the other hand, Anuskha received the best photographer award in the competition.  

Bringing their A-game

Though our students are confident enough to navigate the world, but the journey was not easy for Anushka or Aadya.  It was the first time for Aadya and she chose the category of All India Political Party Meet as she believes that it gives the students a true taste of diplomacy.  The speakers were given the portfolios of various chief ministers and political leaders. Aadya chose the portfolio of the chief minister of Bihar, Nitish Kumar as she wanted to represent the state she originally belongs to.  She had to speak on the child marriage amendment bill 2021 on the basis of the portfolio she chose.  

For Anushka, images speak more than words! She opted for International Press Community at the MUN competition and participated in the category of photography to pursue her passion. Anushka loves capturing moments of the world around and immortalizing them through her lens. She prefers taking candid photographs as they reveal real emotions. At the competition, there were different photographers representing various schools. Each photographer was allotted with one community and had to perform the task of clicking candid photographs within the specified deadline. Though Anushka usually clicks photographs on her phone, this was her first experience of using a DSLR. But that did not stop her from putting in her best! 

Why does Sapphire emphasize on participation in the MUN?

Committed to make future global citizens of tomorrow, we encourage our students to participate in the Model United Nations.  Being an educational simulation of the United Nations, MUN gives the students an opportunity to learn about diplomacy, international relations, policies of countries and develop a strong understanding of the world. It also helps them develop important skills such as public speaking, research, and negotiation while helping them enhance their critical thinking, problem-solving, and leadership abilities. It can also be fun way for students to meet other young people from different schools and backgrounds, understand various perspectives and become more culturally aware. The MUN club in our school unique enables the learners to become engaged with global issues through simulations, debate and research. Every Wednesday, we have MUN sessions where the students research on different countries, practice public speaking and sharpen their debate skills. The teachers usually come up with various topics. The students are divided into teams and have to talk about the topics. This helps the learners prepare themselves as future global leaders ready to take on the world.  

Setting the stage for victory

Like most of the first-time participants, Aadya was also super-nervous! She was scared of public-speaking and it was her teacher-in-charge who helped her calm town and gave her all the support she needed. Her words “If you do not speak, you would not understand whether you are right or wrong” motivated her to overcome her fears and put in her best effort without caring about winning or loosing. Since Aadya was given the liberty to choose her portfolio two weeks prior to the competition, she took this as a welcome opportunity to prepare well. As she chose the portfolio of Nitish Kumar, she had to extensive research on his life, background, work, party policies and understand his take on child marriage. This is because at MUN, the speaker’s opinion does not matter. It is the opinion of the person you are representing that has to be presented with conviction.  

On the other hand, Anushka’s process of preparation was a little different. She was confident about her photography skills but did not have much knowledge about the DSLR. The power of will is about transforming obstacles into opportunities. If you have the will, the sky is the limit! The participants were given a set of instructions about the shutter speed, brightness and settings that had to be kept in mind while clicking the pictures for the competition. With unflinching determination and dedication, Anushka   prepared herself to delve into a whole new horizon and sharpen her skills. She borrowed a DSLR and learnt about the intricacies of the operations, adjustment of the shutter speed and geared up for the competition.  

The hard work and dedication of both of our Sapphirians finally paid off at the competition. Despite the challenges, they performed with great confidence and conquered the world of MUN, like true champions! 

Future leaders in the making

The eyes of the Sapphirians shine with a million dreams that keep them going. In days to come, Aadya would love to take up engineering just like her brother, who got through IIT two years back. Watching her brother live his dream was the greatest source of inspiration for Aadya. She loves mathematics, science, programming and would want to follow her brother’s footsteps in future. 

Anushka’s father is a businessman and his hard-work prompts her to excel in every sphere! She wants to do B. COM honour’s and complete her MBA. She also aspires to prepare for Chartered Accountancy and help father with his business in the future. Amid all the goals, Anushka wants to hold on to her passion for photography and never let it fade away with the passage of time.  

Key take away from Sapphire

For both Aadya and Anushka, Sapphire is not just a school. It is a place where dreams are transformed into reality. Unlike most of the other schools, Sapphire takes the concept of learning a notch higher! It does not just focus on academics or textbook learning but conducts a wide range of activities and competition that bring out the best in students. This ensures their overall personality development and makes them well-rounded individuals.  Sapphire’s fun learning experiences have enriched young minds and opened various doors of opportunities. This has turned out to be the most favourite aspect of the educational journey at Sapphire for both the champions of the MUN.  

Words of wisdom

The top honours and the victory at MUN of our students is the latest addition to the school’s growing list of accomplishments and serves as an inspiration for the future generations of students. Anushka would encourage her juniors to get over their fears of winning, loosing and participate in these competitions with an open heart. According to her, the true spirit of competition lies in the entirety of the experience. These competitions are the best way to make friends, refine social skills and get exposure to various kinds of people, perspectives and environment. Aadya asks her juniors to stay away from the stress of losing and urges them to face their fears. Even if they lose, it will be a learning lesson that will help them grow and evolve in life.  

Sapphire converts learners to achievers and help them reach closer to the dreams! The MUN winners have brought honour to themselves, their families and the entire Sapphire community. The greatest joy comes from watching our students soar to new heights. We hope our students reach many such momentous milestones and fly high in the direction they choose!

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