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Sreenidhi Pillai – The All-rounder performer of Sapphire International School

There are some people who are born to be on stage. Sreenidhi Pillai of Sapphire International School breathes and shines on stage. She is a multi-faceted performer who can showcase various skill sets that are suited for the stage. Sreenidhi has also won several accolades for her various talents. Read on further to know more about Sreenidhi and the myriad gifts she possesses.

Oratorical Abilities

Anchoring and presenting events is one of her many passions. Her voice modulation and presentation skills are so admired that she has been selected five times in a row for felicitation day since 3rd Grade.  Her confidence and the blueprint of her personality truly shines through her personality.

Speaks artistically with mudras

Sreenidhi’s skills have been nurtured in a very positive environment. Both her parents and her school have left no stone unturned to let her skills shine. Sreenidhi’s parents encouraged her to learn Bharatanatyam for five years. Sapphire International School also provided her with several opportunities to showcase the perfection of her artistic mudras.

Living many lives on Stage

Besides being a great orator and an exceptional dancer, Sreenidhi enjoys living and presenting many lives on stage. She loves to act and embody different body-languages that help her to explore different dimensions of human life. An explorer at heart, acting fulfills her innate desire to learn as much as possible in this lifetime.

Other artistic skills

Besides being on stage, there are several other skill-sets that Sreenidhi hones in order to make a mark off-stage as well. Writing and drawing are other talents that she excels at. She has participated in several drawing competitions and has represented Sapphire International school in several Indian essay competitions as well. Sreenidhi plays a great amount of basketball and badminton too helping her to keep those creative juices flowing.

Conclusive Statements

Sapphire International School nurtures the abilities and talents of its scholars transforming them into leaders who can change the world. An exemplary example of this process is Sreenidhi

She is an inspiration to many and she never stops evolving. Always eager to try something new, she has a never-going-to give up spirit which automatically pushes people to try and continue to venture beyond their boundaries. Multi-talented,  determined and crystal-clear in her approach, Sreenidhi is meant to make a mark.

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