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Child Prodigy of Sapphire, Aahana Goyal wins two medals and makes a splash at Roller Sports Championship

The road to victory starts at Sapphire. Here, we help each child to realize their potential and unleash their inner champion. The spirit of a winner is characterized by the will to learn, grow and seek out opportunities to improve and evolve. It is about being proactive, taking risks, and being open to new experiences and challenges. Our little wonder, Aahana Goyal is a young Roller Sports Champion who brought in pride to the Sapphire community. She competed with the best and won 2 medals at 6th Ghaziabad District Roller Sports Championship 2022 held at Greno Bank Track, Greater Noida.  

Roller skating requires a combination of physical strength, agility and grace. Aahana, the talented roller Sports Champion has all of those qualities in abundance. It is no small feat to earn two medals at a championship level competition. This was Aahana’s first competition and she completed her first lap only in 30 seconds and the second lap in 50 seconds bagging a silver and bronze medal. This phenomenal performance and accomplishment stand as a testament to the child’s hard work, determination and natural talent in the sport. 

Making the way to the top

The roller sports community is full of talented and dedicated athletes, and it’s always exciting to see a new star rise to the top. The Roller Sports Championship is a celebration of talent and love for the game. Aahana is a student of second grade now. She started practicing roller skating two years back when she was just four years old! Her parents have been the constant support system in her journey and have helped soar greater heights in every step of the way. They saw the spark in her and ignited the passion of roller skating. It took Aahana two years of extensive practice to take the Roller Sports World by storm with her spectacular performance.  

The journey of practice to perfection

Practice is essential for any athlete who wants to succeed and reach the highest levels in their sport. Like a true sportsman, Aahana, the skating star is very sincere about her practice sessions and does not let anything come in the way of that. She attends her skating classes even during the weekends and also does her bentrack  practice meticulously on her Mondays and Fridays. Guided by her coach, she has become more familiar with the sport and can easily handle the physical demands of competition. Apart from skating, the sessions include running, exercise, duckwalk, frog jump and lots more. These sessions help her build her physical endurance, refine her strategies and gain a competitive edge, which is a much need skill in the sport. For Aahana, the best part of roller skating is racing and competing with others. It helps her test her skills against her peers, gives her the push and makes her strive to be nothing but the best.  

Benefits of Roller Skating for child development

At Sapphire, we believe that physical education is a way of life and a key to a strong and healthy future.  Along with other physical development programmes, our curriculum also includes roller skating sessions which boost the growth of our learners. Skating can be a fun and enjoyable activity for children and can also provide several physical and mental benefits. It builds strong bodies and minds by improving the balance, coordination, muscle strength and endurance. The sport also provides an opportunity for children to socialize with their peers and learn teamwork and collaboration in the process. Known to be a therapeutic activity, roller skating provides a healthy outlet for pent-up energy and helps children relieve the academic stress. 

Passion Knows No Boundaries

Passion comes in all forms. It is important to follow yours wherever it may lead. Aahana’s passion is not restricted to sports or roller skating. She is a multi-talented Sapphirian, who wears many hats and reaches excellence in everything she tries! She loves being on the stage and wants to grow up to be an anchor. Aahana’s source of inspiration and confidence is her father, who is her true role model. Aahana is in awe of the way her father hosts various events in his office and gives speeches in front of the audience. She loves dancing, storytelling, yoga and has also won multiple awards in various events even in school. This multi-faceted kid also has a youtube channel where she talks about her artistic endeavours, drawing and craft.  

Be it the classroom, field or the stage, Ahana shines in every arena, like a true Sapphirian. At our school, every child’s dream has the chance to blossom.  Presently, she is also preparing to represent Sapphire in CBSE cluster-interschool competition in roller skating. Sapphire takes pride in the glorious achievements of Aahana and will continue to support her myriad dreams evren in her journey ahead. We look forward to seeing what Aahana will accomplish in her endeavours and hope her dreams light the way to a bright and limitless future!

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