Establishing an Ensemble of Leadership – Investiture Ceremony, Crossings Republik.

Leadership is a trait nurtured via resilience, will power and the ability to lead others with humility. After great retrospection and as an attempt to make students get the essence of real-life leadership roles, the student’s Senate, 2022 was established. Here’s how the investiture ceremony unfolded.

A student’s leadership body was set up with the goal of making scholars get an essence of real-world scenarios. After scrutinous interviews, group discussions and a two day leadership camp, a students’ senate was set up in which some scholars holding administrative offices would represent the rest at large. In this way, the senate members represent the interests of the scholars in general. The scholars also have a group of same-aged individuals who they can look upto and can get inspired from.

On 31st May, 2022, Sapphire International School held its second investiture Ceremony – ‘Torchbearers’. The event began with the  solemn lighting of the lamp followed by an invocation dance and a beautiful song put together by the school choir. A sense of solidarity descended over the occasion when the five houses representing five different elements of nature put up a dance presentation. The presentation communicated the importance of persevering nature and taking responsibility for its longevity. The selected senate members, taking in the sense of accomplishment and humility, did a parade and paid their respects to the school flag.

With illuminated eyes and an awareness of responsibility that were placed on their capable shoulders, the students’ Senate was then officially ready to be sworn in. Esteemed members of the management, guests of honour Ms Meenakshi Pahuja, a Nari Shakti award winner & Additional city magistrate Ms Shalvi Agarwal and the Principal Ms Vandana Midha conferred the sashes and badges to the senate members. Their designations were decided on the basis of their carefully assessed performances by an  external team of trainers and facilitators. As the leaders took claim to their offices, the school ground roared with teary-eyed friends and family, all celebrating the coming of a new era of leadership.

After this impactful moment, the highly revered Principal and a leader herself, Ms. Vandana Midha took to the microphone. She paid her heartiest congratulations to the student senate and emphasised on the importance of individuality when one is on the verge of becoming a leader. Her address, filled with an invocation of self motivation as one fearlessly pursues the journey of leadership.   She advised them to imbibe the spirit of ‘Service Before Self’ in words and deeds and urged them to embrace their duties with humility, perseverance and loyalty. She became a torchbearer for them and taught them to pursue the journey of Self Leadership via Self Awareness and Self Reflection to come out shining bright as a Leader. The Principal invested the office bearers and administered the oath.

As the ceremony reached  to a conclusion, the auditorium cheered in sync , motivating, blessing and making the newly elected students’ senate aware of how pivotal this moment is.

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