Impactfully Athletic – Devesh Raturi

Every aspect of a child’s growth is given equal importance in Sapphire International School. Be it the intellect or the physical prowess of a child, every skill is highlighted and nurtured. Devesh of Class five made the school proud by being the ‘Golden Glove’  and Man-of-the-match winner at the under 10 football tournament. His dedication to his skill sets is what makes him special. But what were the significant episodes of his journey that led him to do this?

Self – Practice

The Pandemic might have taken away a lot from all of us, but it also had its share of blessings in disguise. The situation gave Devesh time to work on goal-keeping skills. He made every minute of the extra time count. Two -weeks prior to the tournament the school team began to practice and Devesh was in full flow.

Rhythmic affinities

Besides being a great football player, Devesh has a knack for Music too. He plays the piano and loves to explore the rhythmic domain by playing with different chords and notes. He loves to create and lets the beauty of creation seep into his being. This rhythmic sensation fuels his sense of movement as well. So his hobby and his passion are interdependent on each other and brings out the best version of him.

Familial Bonds

Devesh shares a very strong bond with his father. This one-of-a-kind connection to his roots makes him feel strong and secure. The shlokas and bhajans taught by his father to him fill him with a sense of undeciphered piety and clarity. He goes after what he wants fearlessly and achieves it with unparalleled grit.

Undying support of the school

Sapphire International school believes in fueling the leader that lies within every child. By exposing the scholars to various opportunities, the school supports their journey of getting acquainted with the various facets of themselves. From skill-sets to intellectual prowess, every talent is equally celebrated at Sapphire.

Conclusive Statements

Making a glorious mark on his field of expertise at such a young age makes Devesh admirable. His dedication and resilience acts as a magnet for success and a life full of opportunities. With Hard-work and clarity, every Sapphirian can be like Devesh!

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