Leading with Glorious Moments.

May was a month of beginnings at Sapphire Crossings. The flow of small yet impactful celebrations also kept on adding colour to the vibe of beginnings that surrounded Sapphire. Furthermore, there were ceremonies, occasions and sessions that promoted the true essence of being a Sapphirian- Leadership. Read on further to know what went down at Sapphire.

Keeping the legacy of traditions going, but with colors –

Even though modernization is raging in with every step of digitization, certain things are rooted in tradition. Sapphire believes in keeping a steady balance between what was and what can be. In the light of this approach, the school celebrated World Labor Day and even World Mother’s Day preaching the importance of relationships to students. While a personal touch was added to Labour Day by handmade cards, the students of Sapphire poured their hearts out to make Mother’s Day immensely special.

Seizing the day and nurturing on the way

Sapphire believes in nurturing the active way. It creates opportunities for children so that their growth happens in a fun way. Another objective of having myriad activities is to inculcate skill sets in children which will help them to be leaders later on. ‘Carpe diem’ – a Summer Camp organized by the school, had a variety of activities for everybody. From creative heads to sports-fanatics, everyone had their favourite activities at Carpe Diem. Even Parents had something to involve themselves in . The Nurturing-life ready Kids Potential workshop led by Mindset Coach Kamalneet Singh, inspired Parents to understand their child’s potential in a new way.

Creating Leaders of Tomorrow

On twenty-seventh of May, the school organized an interactive leadership workshop with a revered Mindset Coach to provide guidance and cerebral nourishment  for the future leaders. This workshop was of great importance to the school as it implied a concrete approach towards the school’s philosophy- ‘Every Child is a Leader.’ The leadership camp was structured around nourishing the inner leader in every scholar so that each one becomes a Harbinger of change.Around the same time, the school welcomed the new student’s senate for the Academic Year of 2022-2023 with Pomp and reverence galore. The leadership camp helped the members of the senate to sharpen and broaden their perspective on leadership and the responsibilities ahead.

Conclusive Statements.

May was a month full of moments and swift happenings at Sapphire International School. The faculty members, students and Parents work in sync to progress forward. The school will continue to inch towards its glorious vision of education.

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