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Sapphire Creates Media Ripples

The recently revealed Academic Examination results have made Sapphire International School the talk of the town. The school’s stellar academic results have earned them  a lot of media attention. Recently, the school was mentioned in the famed Hindustan Times for the bright results the scholars of Sapphire earned. This is what helped the school pave its way to the road to fame.

Silently Impactful

The management of the Sapphire International school has been working diligently and consistently to make the school reach the penultimate level of success. Visionary and Founder, Shree Jeevan Kumar Singh and the passionate management team of Directors Ms. Anjali Jain and Ms. Shubhi Jain worked in unison to soar the name of the school to newer heights.

Relentless Hard-Workers

The quote- “A teacher is as good as his students” might have been heard often, but the students of Sapphire have shown the practical implication of it. Sapphirians pulled up their socks and followed the path laid before them by their teachers to conclude a stellar academic performance. Students of class ten and twelve performed brilliantly in the Central Board of Secondary Examinations. Sahil, Shreya Singh and Ananya Atri of Class 12 scored 99.2%, 97.6% and 97% respectively making everyone proud. Monishka Singh and Archit Singh of class 10 scored 99.6% and 97.4% respectively adding a spree of bright feathers to the already decorated Sapphire hat. Furthermore, 16 year old Krittisha Agarwal received an All India Rank 2 by CBSE in the class 12 examinations with a mind-boggling 499/500.

Through discipline and hard work, Sapphirians created ripples all across the country.

Teacher Tenacity

The teachers and mentors of Sapphire worked day in and day out to hone the abilities of scholars to face challenging situations with ease. The school’s philosophy of – ‘Every Child is a Leader’ blended with modern-day teaching techniques created scholars who could think beyond the obvious and have the ability to get a better grasp over the things. Their efforts played centre-stage in preparing Sapphirians for every Academic upheaval.

Super Support

The parents and their faith acted as the backbone in this achievement. They bestowed their trust on the school’s amenities and the vision it promised. This created a harmonizing rapport between the school and the parents due to which things flowed smoothly.


A spectacular feat like this is obviously a team effort and the ability of various individuals to step up their games and play their roles in the best possible way.

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