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The Forever Excelling, Himaksh Mendiratta

Talent is everywhere, but consistency is not. It’s a trait that is honed over time. However, Himaksh Mendiratta of Grade 7 seemed to have understood the value of consistency at a very early stage of life. His determination and maturity has earned him the prestigious trophy of excellence two times in a row – for the Academic years of 2019-2020 and 2020-2021. Read on further to know what keeps him going and brave all odds.

A healthy spirit of Competition

In most situations, envy and other negative emotions erupt as a sense of competitiveness. But Himaksh uses competition as a source of inspiration. His best friend Aryan Sethi is also one of the rankers, but instead of letting insecurity bring him down he lets Aryan’s quick-thinking ability inspire him. This sense of respect for the other helps him to pace forward in life.

Always a few steps ahead

Himaksh is motivated and enthused about making a mark. This fuels his hard-working capacity even more. As soon as a chapter is introduced in class, he makes it a personal endeavor to finish it and go through the questions even before the teacher has finished teaching the chapter. With determination and discipline he is always progressing at a higher pace.

Confiding in his Best Friend

For Himaksh, his mother is his greatest confidante and his most potent source of inspiration. He shares all his problems with her and the way she solves all his problems makes him brave all the obstacles on his way.  Her spirit inspires him to never give up and keep exploring horizons in the beyond.

A Passionate Advocate for Knowledge

Himaksh is a knowledge-monger. He is passionate about knowing things. This makes him a book-lover and a diligent scholar. The same passion is always reflected in his high scores and his impactful progress in academics. He also scored a hundred percent in Mathematics and Social Studies making him a scholarly force to be reckoned with.

Conclusive statements

Remaining focused is an ability whereas remaining consistent is a decision. Himaksh has clearly made this decision at a very young age and is definitely going to stay put on his way. He is an inspiration to all the scholars of Sapphire International School.

His zeal to accomplish is sure to take him places.

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