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The imaginative , knowledge – monger : Keiyona Singh

Oscar Wilde very rightly said : “ Every Child is an Artist.” Unbridled by the superficial on-goings of the world, Children have a vast periphery of imagination. One such scholar at Sapphire International School whose supreme power of creativity is a reflection of the vastness of her imagination is Keiyona Singh. She loves to create and amass as much knowledge from as many sources as possible. Read on further to know more about her unique perception of life.

A thinker with Depth

Philosophy is not exactly a third grader’s arena of interest. However, Keiyona is different. The mundane, day-to-day activities are not something that she is satisfied with. She is a seeker who wishes to unravel the deeper meanings of life. So she reads a lot and tries to get a grasp over as many dimensions of life as possible.

An Idealist who loves Technology

Even though Keiyona prefers to imagine and consume as much information as possible through books, her vision is seeped in the present. Her favourite subject in school is Information Technology or IT. Keiyona loves to explore the world of computers and create something new by mixing technology with creativity. She particularly enjoys creating worksheets for the topics she learns in class and tries to explore the subject in her own creative ways.

A silent leader

She is a leader of her own life and loves to perceive things in her own unique way. An explorer at heart, Keiyona is extremely fond of researching and finding new dimensions to various topics. She does not believe in following the crowd and does what she believes is best for her growth. Her ultimate aspiration to become an entrepreneur is also a testimony of the fact that she is independent and keen to explore new horizons.

Conclusive Statements

Sapphire International school nurtures and cherishes the uniqueness that every scholar embodies. The school believes in providing as many opportunities to bloom as possible to students like Keiyona so that their originality inspires others to think different too. 

Keiyona is one-of-a-kind and Sapphire International School is proud of her!

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