Striking a Balance Between Curricular & Co-curricular Activities is Crucial

Striking a Balance Between Curricular & Co-curricular Activities is Crucial

For learning to be sustainable and long-lasting, it is important to stick to a multidimensional approach. After all, we are no longer in times where we can expect children to remain glued to their books all the time for knowledge attainment. That is just unrealistic in the current times where there are multiple avenues for learning.

However, for any learning mechanism, or any educational institution for that matter, to reap desired results, it is important to strike a balance between activities. Just like it is vital for children to shine academically, it is equally crucial for them to fare well in co-curricular activities.

At Sapphire International School, one of the best schools in Noida, we firmly believe that giving equal weightage to curricular and co-curricular activities is the way ahead. What makes us think so is something we will be shedding light on today in this write-up. Let’s get into it without any further ado.

  • Holistic Development is Vital

Education and learning can never be restricted to merely ranking first in class. The real encounters are the ones children face once they step out of school. Despite having the best of grades and academic degrees to your credit, in order to bag a lucrative job opportunity and pay package, you need to have a firm hold of the vital life skills, soft skills, and practical application of the concepts learned.

These skills, which form an indispensable part of a child’s life journey, such as working collectively with others, communicating clearly and confidently, coming up with solutions to problems, etc., function as a vital element in the holistic development of children. This can be achieved only by striking the needful balance.

  • Ability to Function Well in Groups

Isolation is now a thing of the past. In times when collaboration is attracting desirable results, you need to know how to function in groups. There is not much that you can get done individually. Hence, striking the right chords with people from different backgrounds and ideologies becomes necessary.

This is an important trait that one picks up by balancing between curricular and co-curricular activities. While curricular activities educate you on how to perform certain tasks, co-curricular activities push you into performing the said tasks in collaboration with others. Thus, striking a balance between the two is mandatory.

  • Widened Choice of Profession

Every child is blessed with a different form of expertise. While some children are naturally good at studies, there are others who excel at some or the other form of art. Now, if the complete focus is given only on the academic curriculum, children who are good at art forms like painting, dancing, and singing will never be able to realize their talents.

This is where striking a balance between curricular and co-curricular activities becomes important. This has eventually led to countless people operating as successful singers, painters, and choreographers today. After all, every profession has its own beauty, and you do justice to it only when you enjoy and love what you do.

  • Broadened Perspectives & Having a Say

As individuals, it is important for us to have our say in different matters, especially when it is something in our own interest. Life is not rosy at all times, which is why it becomes important for us to be aware of the unexpected and unwanted. This is something we learn by striking a rightful balance between curricular and co-curricular activities. While academics help groom us into becoming knowledgeable and learned individuals, it is co-curricular activities that encourage us to take a stand, have a voice for ourselves, and not agree to everything that is asked out of us.

This is one of the key reasons why we at Sapphire International School, ranked among the best schools in Noida, have made sure that our pupils get enough time around both curricular and co-curricular activities so that every day they are molded into becoming wholesome individuals.

  • Mental Relaxation

You would agree that stress has become part and parcel of life today, with children being no exception. Children face stress due to a number of different reasons, not all of which they might be aware of. Living continuously under the burden of stress serves no one. In fact, it further aggravates the matter.

To be able to deal with such hurdles, it becomes vital to give your mind the necessary level of relaxation and ease. One of the best ways of doing so is by introducing breaks and switching between activities. Here again, the need to balance curricular and co-curricular activities becomes important, something we have been diligently practicing at Sapphire International School. We firmly believe that our student’s mental health is our responsibility, which we are trying to live up to every day.


We are pretty sure that none of you would want your kids to grow up to be the proverbial Jack, who turned out to be a dull boy because all he was doing was work and no play. It is a proven fact that to enable well-rounded, holistic development of children, it is essential to provide them with just as much exposure to extracurricular and cocurricular activities as the curricular ones.

This is why we at Sapphire International School, one of the best schools in Crossing Republik Vaishali, have designed our pedagogy in such a way that it gives children ample opportunities to try their hands at different activities and don’t let them experience the void of change. Today, through this article, we would like to urge parents to avoid showing resistance to your little ones’ participation in extra-curricular activities. In fact, help them strike a balance between academics and co-curricular activities, for therein lies the path to their growth and development in the real sense.


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